Transparent Vinyl


Dr.Sticker is happy to advise you on the right choice of materials, this time with transparent vinyl. Printing stickers on transparent vinyl is a beautiful application, however, we notice that not all of our customers take into account the potential disadvantages that this material may have.

Stickers with White Ink


Dr.Sticker has a digital printer that can print weather-resistant white ink. With this, we as a sticker producer are pioneers and can print transparent stickers with (opaque) white from just 1 piece.

Contour Cut Stickers


Looking for cut-out texts, logos, etc.? Dr.Sticker is happy to advise you on the right choice of materials or techniques.

Types of Adhesives


The type of adhesive used for a sticker depends heavily on certain factors. How long should the sticker stay stuck and what material does the surface have? Equally important is the temperature. Some types of adhesives are sensitive to very hot or cold temperatures.

Adhesive Letters & Cutting Vinyl


Dr.Sticker is happy to advise you on the right choice of materials or techniques, this time with adhesive letters & cutting vinyl.

When do you need blind spot stickers?


Blind spot warning stickers have been mandatory in France for some time. For all heavy vehicles, trucks, buses, above 3.5 tons, drivers are required to equip the vehicle with a blind spot warning sticker.

Sustainably restyling? It can with Interior Foil!


Trends in interior design change almost as quickly as in the fashion industry these days. Today, sustainability is also becoming an important part of interior design. Especially companies are looking for a sustainable way to adapt the interior of their premises. Natural materials are highly sought after, but purchasing a complete set of new furniture is not a sustainable solution, especially if the existing furniture is still in excellent condition.

4 tips for a clean and grease-free sticker base


How do you ensure that the surface where you are going to apply the stickers is properly cleaned and degreased? A properly cleaned and grease-free surface is essential so that the sticker remains well adhered for years to come.

Need stickers urgently or curious about delivery times?


Imagine, you urgently need stickers for your car or for that one event. But, you want high-quality stickers with your own impressive design. And delivered within 24 hours. Too much to ask? We don't think so! With our 24-hour delivery, you will have your stickers (up to 12 m2) delivered the next working day.

Window breakage due to the use of window film?


What should you consider when applying window film to your window to prevent thermal breakage? When applying film to windows of houses or cars, there are many uncertainties about window breakage. Would window film have an impact on the window? Below you will find useful information that will make everything clear.

Doming stickers: unique 3D effect creates real eyecatchers


Looking for stickers that are real eyecatchers? That provide a luxurious appearance? Then order doming stickers. The convex lens on the sticker creates a unique 3D effect. Ideal for making your logo or text stand out perfectly. Doming stickers are also weatherproof and therefore suitable for outdoor use. They are often used in vehicle advertising. In this article, we'll tell you about some benefits and give you cool ideas for inspiration. And the best part: doming stickers are not expensive at all and can be ordered from us starting from just 10 sheets in our design tool.

How do I order printed tape?


Why use boring packaging tape when you can use tape printed with your own logo? We would like to explain the benefits of printed tape and the best way to order this product at Dr.Sticker in this blog.

Which sticker should I choose?


At Dr.Sticker, we are proud to offer a wide range of different materials. We have a suitable material for every application. Are you looking for stickers but not sure which material is best suited for your application? Then read on and learn all about our materials.

5 tips to order cheaper stickers


Looking for stickers but have a small budget? In this blog, we'll tell you more about our 5 tips to order cheaper stickers.

Together against Corona: 'keep 1.5 meter distance' floor stickers, posters, and more


It is of utmost importance that we adhere to the guidelines against COVID 19 imposed by the RIVM. Therefore, we have come up with a number of products that entrepreneurs can use during this difficult period, where social distancing of 1.5 meters must be maintained.

European Social Fund


The European Social Fund has helped Dr.Sticker execute a tailor-made trajectory with Hans Jansen from Open Doors Academy.

The perfect height to mount your sandblasting film


Are you looking for sandblasting film, but not sure at what height you should mount this film?

When a fire breaks out, this sticker can save your pet!


Every year, hundreds of pets die in the Netherlands due to house fires. With our sticker, we believe we can reduce this number.

Which sticker for which surface?


With our wide range of stickers, we can cover virtually any surface. Curious about which sticker is the best choice for you? Read on about the combination of surfaces and stickers.

There is still time: Save money and energy now with our window films!


Ever heard of fiscal benefits after applying window films to your company or association? You can still enjoy this benefit, but not for much longer! Read more about this great way to save money with the EIA scheme and energy savings.

Damage to stickering- What now?


When you apply stickers to your car, window, or doors, you naturally hope to enjoy your investment for a long time. However, there is always a risk of damaging the print or lettering prematurely due to, for example, an accident with the car or a broken window, burglary, or vandalism. However, this does not mean that your stickers are immediately lost; it is possible to restore your print and make it look as good as new.

Four tips to keep your carwrap looking good for long


A carwrap is an efficient and original way to attract attention to your project or your company. However, it is important that your wrap continues to look beautiful and well-maintained over the years. We give you 4 tips for this!

Spoke protector stickers


Do you have a wheelchair and want to add a personal touch to it? Then the spoke protector stickers from Dr. Sticker are for you! Below you will find useful information about spoke protectors and our spoke protector stickers.

Readable from a distance


We unfortunately see it too often on, for example, sports fields. An advertising board full of small texts and the use of wrong color schemes. Easy to read when you're right up close, but no consideration has been given to the fact that readability from more than 60 meters away should be good. Missed opportunity, so here are the key aspects that contribute to increased readability.

Body stickering, the black tape project


Wrapping a car with sticker film is no longer surprising. But covering your naked body with stickers instead of clothes is not an everyday thing. The American Black Tape Project is changing that.

Best temperature to apply your stickers


What is often forgotten when applying stickers is that the temperature is essential for proper adhesion. Both too low or too high a temperature will have its effects on the adhesive strength of the stickers.

Dr.Sticker wins Sign+ award


Dr. Sticker has won the Sign+ award in the indoor Signage category. This prestigious award presented at Media Plaza Utrecht is a biennial professional award for the sign and display industry organized by the trade magazine Sign+ Magazine.

3M Di-NOC film


3M DI-NOC offers a new way to give your interior or exterior a new look.

Shelf life of unapplied stickers


Can you keep stickers indefinitely before applying them? No! there is certainly a shelf life for your stickers.

Vector file


A vector file? Another graphic term that we often bother our customers with. What is a vector file, but even better what can you do with it and how do you get a vector file?



Our pre-order department checks every order for the correct resolution of uploaded files in our design module. We regularly come across files here that are not in the correct resolution to print in the desired format. Our advice is to supply files at 300 dpi at actual size, but as soon as we request a file at this resolution, the first reaction is often DPI what?