Together against Corona: 'keep 1.5 meters distance' floor stickers, posters, and more

In recent times, the RIVM has shared important measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). From regularly and thoroughly washing your hands and avoiding handshakes to maintaining a distance of 1.5 meters! The latter is so important in the fight against the virus. Monday, March 23, the government took additional measures for a reason. In this article, we share some of those measures and show how you can do everything possible at your location (from store to care institution) to adhere to that 1.5-meter distance. Prevent (high) fines or even closure, but above all: together, we will defeat COVID-19!

Tightened measures regarding 'keep distance'

On the advice of the RIVM, Prime Minister Rutte and ministers De Jonge, Grapperhaus, and Van Rijn announced some tightened and new measures. Three of them have a very concrete effect on that '1.5-meter rule':
Stores and public transport will be required to take measures to ensure that people keep their distance. Locations like holiday parks will have to take measures to ensure that people keep 1.5 meters distance. If they are unable to do so, municipalities may close these locations. Markets are exempt from this because they are an essential part of the food chain in some areas of the country. However, municipalities and market masters must find ways to ensure sufficient distance.

For stores, for example, this means that not too many customers are allowed inside at once. Customers must be able to stay 1.5 meters apart. If not, fines can reach up to 4000 euros or the business could even be closed. So, customers must wait outside more often before they can enter, and sufficient distance must also be maintained outside. How will you, as a manager/owner, do this? You must not only monitor but also set and communicate clear boundaries. We can help you with that.

Special stickers for clear communication

Especially for care institutions, SMEs, retail, banks, and other organizations that are still open, we have developed a number of products to better implement the so-called social distancing. Think of clear markings or protective plexiglass to ensure that your customers, clients, suppliers, or employees keep a safe distance. Small effort, big effect!

We offer:
1. Floor lines and Floor dots: to ensure that everyone adheres to the 1.5-meter distance rule.
2. Warning stickers, posters, and signs: to hang in stores and waiting rooms to remind everyone of the rules once again.
3. Textile stickers: to protect employees 'on the floor'.
4. Banners: to immediately inform people about social distancing in large outdoor areas.
5. Safety vests: with the warning 'keep distance'.
6. Plexiglass safety screens: to provide extra protection for employees (at the checkout or counter).

Our products in the fight against Corona

Floor sticker/floor line 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
Create social distance squares or place some lines to make the distance visible. Applicable places: counters, checkouts, queues, waiting rooms, but also workplaces.

Good to know about this sticker:
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- Available in multiple languages!

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Floor sticker/floor dot 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
This round floor sticker of 42 centimeters wide stands out everywhere. The sticker can be ordered from 1 piece.

Good to know:
- The floor stickers are non-slip
- Removable without leaving adhesive residue
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Sticker 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
These striking stickers are easy to hang in stores and waiting rooms to remind all visitors to adhere to the 1.5-meter distance rule.

Good to know:
- The sticker is available in A4 (per 4 pieces)
- Or in large format 70 by 100 cm (from 1 piece + volume discount)
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Textile sticker 'keep distance'
Many people 'on the work floor' experience that others are not keeping enough distance. At the request from the medical field, we have developed this sticker. Various professional groups are very happy with it. Think of: stock replenishers, mail and parcel deliverers, public transport staff, shop assistants, and cashiers.

Good to know about this sticker:
Can be attached to any type of clothing
The sticker is designed for single-day use
Option to personalize (own logo or text)

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Sign 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
With this sign, you make visitors, customers, staff, and suppliers very aware of social distancing (already at the front door). Applicable places: stores, workplaces, market stalls, meeting locations/canteens, care institutions, waiting rooms, but also public spaces.

Good to know:
- Available in 3 sizes (20x30cm, 40x60cm, 80x120cm)
- Easy to hang due to large drill holes
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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Poster 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
For indoor use, we also have the recognizable warning available in poster format. Considering the importance of the rule, we recommend stickers because they have a longer lifespan. In some situations or surfaces, you may prefer posters, which is why we offer them in a common yet highly visible format.

Good to know:
- Size 50x70cm
- Available to order per pack (5, 25, or 50 pieces)

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Banner 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
Especially for places where many people come, this banner is ideal to make people aware of social distancing (even outside). Applicable places: weekly markets, popular nature and hiking areas, hardware stores, playgrounds, beaches, and supermarkets.

Good to know:
- Size 200x104cm
- Easy to hang due to the rings

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Safety vest 'keep 1.5 meters distance'
In public places where many people come (or work), this vest clearly shows that we must always adhere to the distance rules. Ideal for enforcers and other 'outdoor professions'.

Good to know:
- Available to order from 5 pieces
- One size, fits all
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Safety screens (counter and checkout)
We offer two types of safety screens for use at the counter or checkout. The screens are made of crystal-clear plexiglass, allowing you to see through them perfectly without straining your eyes.
- Freestanding safety screen: This screen can be placed at any counter or checkout within 2 minutes.
- Hanging safety screen: This screen can be placed at any counter or checkout within 5 minutes. Thanks to the easy hanging system, you can place the screen anywhere and can even pass products underneath it if necessary.

Order today, receive tomorrow
Temporarily, we deliver the majority of these warning products within 24 hours (without rush costs). This means that as soon as the order comes in, we will ship it the same day on weekdays. This is our way of contributing. You will see the different delivery times for individual products mentioned.

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