Stickers with white ink

Dr.Sticker has a digital printer capable of printing weather-resistant white ink. As a sticker producer, this makes us a pioneer, as we can print transparent stickers with white starting from just 1 piece.

What is white ink and when do I need it?

When we print with white, it means that in addition to the standard CMYK colors, white ink is added to the printing process. When using white, a layer of white ink is applied to the material first or last. Any other colors are then printed on top of it. It is also possible to apply only white printing. White is necessary if you are having stickers made on a transparent or colored background, such as neon or chrome, and your design includes white. When you have a design printed by Dr.Sticker on white vinyl or paper, this is not a problem. In that case, no ink is printed on the parts that should be white. However, on a transparent or other colored background, those parts would take on the color of the material if white is not added. Because we use transparent inks, white ink ensures that the color is 100% covering on transparent material. This is very useful when applying the sticker to dark surfaces or when it needs to be highly visible on a window.

Stickers with white ink? Isn't that standard?

No, it certainly isn't in digital printing. Other printing techniques offer this as well, but they are expensive for small quantities (screen printing) or the stickers (offset printing) are not weatherproof. With our machine, we can print razor-sharp (1440 dpi) stickers with white ink starting from just 1 piece and in any size and shape.

Indoor window stickers?

Are you looking for stickers that you apply on the inside and are visible from the outside? Then choose an indoor window sticker, often used in, for example, shop windows. With an indoor window sticker, we first print the design on transparent vinyl and then print white on top so that the sticker is full of color.

Example: The top sticker has white ink, the bottom one does not. A sticker without white ink is therefore much less clear.

Design & Order Transparent Stickers with White Ink Online

Order these transparent stickers with white ink directly online using our design tool or request a free quote.