Sustainable restyling? It's possible with Interior Film!

Trends in interior design change almost as quickly as in the fashion industry nowadays. Nowadays, sustainability is also becoming an important aspect of interior design. Especially companies are looking for a sustainable way to adapt the interior of their premises. Natural materials are highly sought after in this regard, but purchasing a complete set of new furniture is not a sustainable solution, especially if the existing furniture is still in good condition.

For a sustainable office layout, it's important to opt for a circular office design rather than a linear one. This means not investing in expensive new furniture, but in circular office furniture. These are furniture items that are either maintained preventively or second-hand office furniture that is repurchased. This aligns with a fully circular office environment, where the 'circle' is completed by reusing or recycling all raw materials.

Do you already have furniture in your premises that is still in good condition, but you're looking for a new look? Even then, circular office furniture is a suitable solution. Give your existing furniture a makeover by using interior film. With a wide range of films, from wood look to concrete look and from basic to over-the-top, there is always a film suitable for your application.

By applying interior film to your furniture, walls, or even kitchen, you give them a completely new appearance in a simple, affordable, and sustainable way. Some advantages of interior film compared to painting or completely replacing furniture are:

- Reusing your furniture contributes optimally to sustainable entrepreneurship.
- Interior films do not contain harmful substances, they do not use heavy metals or harmful plasticizers.
- Renovate without dust, noise, or odor nuisance. Since the films do not need to dry, there is less disruption during and after installation.
- Robust, the films have high impact and scratch resistance due to their thickness.
- The films are water, heat, and dirt resistant.
- Eco-friendly.

Our PVC interior films have a textured structure, making them almost indistinguishable from real materials. The tactile veins in the wood-look films or the rough texture of stone-look films ensure that not only the eye perceives the films as real, but also the touch.

Moreover, the films are also applicable to flat walls and a wide variety of other flat surfaces. Not only the furniture, but the entire interior can be restyled in this way. For example, turn your boring table into a table with a beautiful marble look. Give the cabinet wall in your office a completely new and modern look by choosing one of our basic colors, or give the dull gray wall a wood look.

In short, there are many possibilities with interior films. We are happy to assist you in finding suitable advice for your situation. On-site installation is also possible, as our experienced installers are trained in applying these interior films.

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