Doming stickers: unique 3D effect creates real eye-catchers

Are you looking for stickers that are real eye-catchers? That provide a luxurious look? Then order doming stickers. The convex lens on the sticker creates a unique 3D effect. Ideal for making your logo or text stand out perfectly. Doming stickers are also weather-resistant and therefore suitable for outdoor use. They are therefore widely used in vehicle advertising. In this article, we'll tell you about some benefits and give you cool ideas for inspiration. And the best part: doming stickers are not expensive at all and can be ordered from 10 sheets in our design tool.

Doming sticker: what is it actually?

The English 'dome' means 'dome'. We also know it from large (soccer) stadiums. You understand the link with the convex shape that you see in the stickers. We print weather-resistant ink on glossy white sticker vinyl, which we then apply a special scratch-resistant coating (acrylic layer) to. This special top layer (thick lens) creates the beautiful 3D effect and magnifies the print. This makes your sticker even more striking.

The benefits of dome stickers (3D stickers)

Doming stickers have several clear advantages compared to regular stickers:
- The convex shape gives the sticker an extra luxurious look for your logo or text
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
- They are weather-resistant and resistant to various liquids such as alcohol, oil, and cleaning agents
- They are UV and scratch-resistant
- They stay firmly in place
- And you can get them in various colors and sizes (standard dimensions or custom sizes)

When are doming stickers used?

Due to their weather resistance, dome stickers are widely used for vehicle advertising (we often see them in scooter and car advertising) or on other metal surfaces to make a logo stand out clearly. You can place text, numbers, logos, emojis, and QR codes on dome stickers, for example.
Our customers order doming stickers as:
- Machine stickers
- Mudguard stickers
- Computer stickers
- Or for USB sticks, keychains, and other promotional gifts

Order striking doming 3D stickers?
Are the 3D stickers exactly what you are looking for? Order your own doming stickers directly through our doming design tool. We offer standard sizes and quantities here. If you have special requests, request a quote via