Spoke Protector Stickers

Do you have a wheelchair and want to add a personal touch to it? Then the spoke protector stickers from Dr. Sticker are perfect for you! Below you will find useful information about spoke protectors and our spoke protector stickers.

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What are Spoke Protectors?

A spoke protector is a round plate with a small opening in the center. This plate is attached to the front of a wheelchair wheel and covers all the spokes of the wheel. The small opening in the center ensures that the button used to remove the wheel remains accessible. There are spoke protectors available in various shapes and sizes.

Spoke protectors are necessary for active use of the wheelchair. They protect the spokes and prevent fingers or clothing from getting caught between the spokes. So, spoke protectors serve multiple purposes, not just for enhancing the appearance of the wheelchair.
Especially in active and sporty use such as wheelchair basketball and wheelchair rugby, spoke protectors are used. This is mandatory to prevent damage to the spokes and injuries. Enhancing the appearance of the wheelchair can be seen as a creative side effect.

Trends and Inspiration

If you're looking for a spoke protector sticker to personalize your wheelchair, you can find it at Dr. Sticker! In Dr. Sticker's extensive assortment, you can find stickers made from high-quality materials that guarantee long-term use. The laminated spoke protector stickers from Dr. Sticker are weather and scratch resistant. They are available in 2 sizes and are cut in the shape of the spoke protector (including the opening in the center), making them easy to apply.

Some examples from the assortment:
Wheelchair stickers: Roses from the ' Flowers' category
Wheelchair stickers: Sunset from the ' Landscape' category
Wheelchair stickers: Headphones from the ' Music' category

Recently, Dr. Sticker has introduced several new models of spoke protector stickers including:
Cars & soccer for cool boys
Ballet & princesses for real girls

There are also spoke protector stickers for the business market such as:
Amusement parks


We offer spoke protector stickers in various sizes:
45 cm x 45 cm (17.72 inch) suitable for 20 - 22 inch spoke protectors
49 cm x 49 cm (19.29 inch) suitable for 22 - 24 inch spoke protectors
The opening in the center has a diameter of 10 cm (3.94 inch)
This is essentially the same for every size. If your own spoke protector deviates from these dimensions, you can specify this, of course.

Reimbursement Options

A wheelchair can be equipped with all kinds of accessories. Spoke protectors fall under the category of 'useful accessories'. Your municipality is only obliged to provide accessories that are medically necessary for you.
If you need reimbursement for care based on the Wlz, you must apply for that reimbursement at the Center for Indication of Care Needs (CIZ). You can go to the CIZ office in your region for this. Please note: you may be asked for a personal contribution.
For independent information about reimbursements and regulations: https://www.regelhulp.nl/

Custom Wheelchair Stickers

If you prefer wheelchair stickers with your own design, you can provide your own photo or illustration. The designers at Dr. Sticker will adjust and optimize your design to fit the shape. This way, you will always recognize your own wheelchair anywhere you go!