Damaged Sticker - What Now?

When you apply stickers to your car, windows, or doors, you naturally hope to enjoy your investment for a long time. However, you always run the risk of damaging the print or lettering prematurely due to accidents with the car, a broken window, break-ins, or vandalism. However, this does not mean that your sticker is immediately lost; it is possible to repair your print and make it look as good as new.

Restoring and Replacing Stickers

When your stickers are damaged, the exact location and extent of the damage must first be determined. Often it is not necessary to replace the entire print; you only need to focus on the part where the damage is located. However, it is crucial that the newly applied part seamlessly matches the old sticker.

You can contact us for this purpose since we still have color schemes and material choices saved in our database. With this information, the print can be reprinted and/or cut again without any difficulty.

Since we use high-quality materials and you have maintained them well over the years, the sticker can remain colorfast for many years. So, you will hardly notice any difference between the new and old printing.

Patience is a Virtue

It is important to allocate sufficient time for the restoration work. This is especially essential for car stickers. If the car itself has also suffered damage, it must be repaired before work can be done on the lettering. Rushing this process too much can affect the quality of the lettering or even damage the paint of your car. Repainted parts must be cured for 2 to 3 weeks before they can be restickered. For window stickers, newly installed windows must have well-cured sealant edges. On average, this takes 3 to 4 days.

Insurance for Sticker Damage

It is possible that your company vehicles are insured against lettering damage. In this case, you can contact us and inquire about the costs for replacing or repairing the sticker. This amount can then be charged to the insurance company. Not sure if you are insured? In most cases, stickers fall under the category of "later installed accessories," which includes all parts and applications that are not part of the basic equipment of your car and are not from the car manufacturer. These accessories are generally insured up to a certain amount, but if your lettering is more expensive, additional insurance is required. For damage to window lettering on your store front, this is often covered by a separate glass insurance policy.

Damaged sticker? Come to DrSticker for consultation, and we will ensure proper treatment.

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