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DrSticker is happy to advise you on the right choice of materials, this time with transparent vinyl. Printing stickers on transparent vinyl is a great application, but we notice that not all of our customers consider the potential disadvantages of this material.

Advertising on your window? Then it's convenient that you can at least see through it. Print transparent stickers and advertise in a unique way. You can print transparent stickers to adorn your building with your logo, cover your windows with a great offer, or simply for decoration.

Various types of transparent vinyl

At DrSticker, we have transparent sticker vinyl in various types and qualities.

For instance, we offer a transparent film that doesn't have an adhesive layer but instead has microscopic suction cups, crystal-clear film, and even fully organic transparent film. We have an applicable film for every application. Feel free to contact us for advice and free material samples with standard printing.

Transparent vinyl does not include white ink by default.

Some important points to consider when printing a sticker on transparent:

The white color in your image/design will not be printed. The white areas of your image/design will remain transparent. All other colors will not be 100% opaque. Transparent vinyl without white backing is not recommended for application on dark surfaces. For dark surfaces, we recommend ordering transparent vinyl with white backing. With this option, the colors will be 100% opaque.

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Example: The left part of the sticker is printed without (cover) White, and the right part is with it. Without white backing, the ink remains transparent and is almost invisible on a dark background.

What does not 100% opaque actually mean?

You should actually see it like this: if you stick the sticker on, for example, glass, you can still see through the colors. As a result, most colors are not clearly visible on glass or dark surfaces.

Example: The sticker is applied to a black surface. The top variant contains white backing, and the bottom one does not. You can see that the bottom variant is not easily readable because the background shows through.

Where can you effectively use transparent vinyl without white backing then?

If you only apply the sticker to white (light-colored) surfaces, you won't experience the issue of the color not covering well.

Alternatively, if the print only contains a very dark color, such as black, these colors cover well enough to be visible. However, be mindful that, for instance, printing black on transparent vinyl and then applying it to a dark brown surface will make the print almost invisible.

So, what alternatives are there exactly?

We understand that you choose transparent vinyl because you want it without a "white area." Here are two alternatives:

Print on White vinyl but precisely cut it so that the white is not visible. We can cut it into any shape, from rectangle and round to a "free" form (contour cut). Consider White vinyl as a base layer needed to achieve 100% opaque colors, similar to how you use white paper in your own printer. You can also print on it to completely fill it, so no white is visible.

Print on transparent vinyl but with white backing. We first print a layer with white ink and then the desired color, ensuring the color is opaque.

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