Which sticker for which surface?

With our wide range of stickers, we can cover virtually any surface. Curious about which sticker is the best choice for you? Read on about the combination of surfaces and stickers.

A sticker for every surface

A sticker is an incredibly versatile product that you can use in many ways. They are easy to apply and often immediately grab attention. A sticker is the ultimate eye-catcher! What many people don't know is that it's very important which surface you want to stick your sticker on. Each surface requires a different type of sticker. The sticker really comes into its own when it perfectly matches the surface it's going to be stuck on. In principle, almost any type of surface can be stickered. When sticking a sticker, it's always important that the surface is clean and grease-free. The sticker will then stick best. We'll explain which sticker fits which surface, so you can get the most enjoyment out of your sticker!

Plastic surface    


When sticking stickers on plastic, it's important to consider the type of plastic you want to stick on. Sprayed plastic is a better surface than non-sprayed plastic. Sprayed plastic allows breathing, preventing the sticker from adhering well. So, the best surface is sprayed plastic. Here you can stick many different types of stickers. For example, go for our standard stickers, which you can customize to your liking, or for wall stickers.


Applying stickers to wood is particularly easy when it comes to a smooth wooden surface. On an irregular wooden surface, the sticker tends to adhere less well. For this, you could use our strong adhesive floor stickers. These stickers are applicable to uneven floors for both indoor and outdoor use. Thanks to the strong adhesive layer, the sticker lasts a long time. However, you should be aware that the surface may be damaged when removing the sticker. It is the ideal sticker for long-term or permanent advertising.

  Wood surface
Wallpaper surface    


Applying stickers to wallpaper generally works fine. Especially smooth wallpaper is a very easy surface for a sticker. For wallpaper with a coarse texture, you should pay attention to whether the sticker can adhere well. Wallpaper with a light texture is no problem. However, it may happen that you can see the texture of the wallpaper through the sticker. Our wall stickers are suitable for use on wallpaper.


For lightly plastered walls, we recommend our wall stickers. Applying a sticker to plasterwork is very easy. It is important that the surface is free of dust and grease to ensure that the wall sticker adheres well. For example, opt for a wall sticker with a fun text or your company logo. It's a very original and eye-catching way to advertise.

  Plasterwork surface
Concrete surface    


Applying stickers to concrete is a breeze when you use our floor stickers. Floor stickers are the ultimate advertising tool and immediately attract attention. For example, you can place a sticker with your company logo or signage on the floor. This is a very original way of advertising and is definitely worth trying. Need stickers for a temporary promotion? Opt for our floor stickers with temporary adhesive! These stickers can be easily removed without leaving any adhesive residue. An ideal product for temporary promotional campaigns. Of course, you can also choose a floor sticker with permanent adhesive. You will then be able to enjoy your sticker for a long time.


Are you looking for a sticker for your brick wall? Then you've come to the right place. Since there are many different types of brickwork, it's a good idea to contact us via email or our contact form. That way, we can recommend the right sticker for you.

  Brick surface
Lacquered surface    


Applying a sticker to a lacquered surface is no problem at all. For example, choose our striking fully contour-cut stickers if you want to stick your company name or slogan. You can also opt for transparent stickers, doming stickers, or removable stickers. Various special effects are also possible, such as a matte or glossy finish. The possibilities are virtually endless.


Paint Layer

Applying stickers to a paint layer is generally manageable. For example, you can choose a wall sticker with a striking text or your company logo. Placing a wall sticker on the wall instantly gives the space a different look. However, keep in mind that stickers may not adhere well to every type of paint. Therefore, it's always a good idea to request some extra information or a sample beforehand to avoid any surprises.


  Paint surface
Glass surface    


Applying a sticker to glass is quite simple, thanks to the hard and smooth surface. In our range, you'll find full-color weather-resistant window stickers. These window stickers can be made from different materials. For example, you can opt for an indoor window sticker. These stickers are printed on the adhesive side and can therefore be placed on the inside of the window. They are still legible from the outside. You can also choose micro-perforated window vinyl. These small holes allow you to see from the inside to the outside. However, only your design is visible from the outside. Another option is a sticker with a static charge. These can be used multiple times and are especially suitable for temporary promotions. You could also choose a sticker made of frosted vinyl. The frosted vinyl gives your sticker a matte and elegant appearance. So, there are certainly many possibilities if you want to stick a sticker on glass!


Vinyl is not a difficult surface to stick something on. When sticking stickers on vinyl, you could consider a wall sticker on vinyl wallpaper or a beautiful floor sticker on a vinyl floor. The smoother the vinyl, the better the sticker will adhere to the surface. If the vinyl has some texture, it may happen that you can see that texture through the sticker.

  Vinyl surface


Tile surface    


Our stickers can also be applied to a tiled floor or wall. Opt for a floor sticker (the hard-adhesive variant) to achieve a long-lasting beautiful result. When choosing stickers for your floor tiles, please go for the anti-slip variant to ensure that no one slips on your beautifully stickered tile floor. 


Applying a sticker to paper is no problem with Dr. Sticker's standard stickers. With these stickers, the possibilities are endless. For example, you can choose between a matte or glossy finish, and transparent stickers are also an option. You can also opt for our label stickers or roll stickers. With our convenient and user-friendly design tool, you can customize all stickers to your liking.

  Paper surface
Cardboard surface    


In our range, you'll find, among other things, paper labels, which are often used on various types of cardboard. Applying a sticker to cardboard is therefore no problem at all. Our standard stickers also adhere well to cardboard. These stickers are available in many variations, giving you a unique sticker that suits you perfectly.


Applying a sticker to metal is no problem at all if you use one of our magnetic stickers. Our magnetic stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors. A big advantage of these stickers is that you can use them multiple times. If you want to apply the magnetic sticker to your vehicle, make sure to clean the sticker occasionally. A magnetic sticker can attract iron particles lying on the road due to magnetism. By cleaning the sticker occasionally, you prevent damage to your car. You can also stick stickers with an adhesive layer on metal. When sticking stickers, it's important to check whether you're not placing the sticker on a rusty spot. Rust loosens and at some point, your sticker will also come off, which is of course not the intention.

  Metal surface
Textile surface    


Apply stickers to textiles with our high-quality textile stickers. You can use these stickers, for example, at a trade show or during a meeting. The textile stickers are easy to apply and adhere well to clothing, so they won't come off easily. However, be careful when applying stickers to delicate fabrics; it's better not to apply the stickers to such fabrics.

We have more than 50 types of sticker vinyl in stock as standard. This allows us to deliver a wide variety of stickers. Even challenging surfaces are no problem for us; we can meet any sticker request. Our experienced installers are always ready to help you with the installation of the sticker. They know exactly how to best mount each sticker. We are also happy to answer all your questions about applying stickers. So please feel free to contact us if there are any uncertainties.