How to Order Printed Tape?

Why use boring packaging tape when you can use tape printed with your own logo? We'd like to explain the benefits of printed tape and the best way to order this product from Dr. Sticker in this blog.

Why Printed Tape?

As a business, having brand awareness and customer engagement is very important. Because once your name is known to more people, more people will also think of your brand and products when they need something. They will also be more likely to recommend your company or product to others. Customer engagement is also important for a business; you need ambassadors for your company, people who are loyal to your company and who recommend your services to others.

But why printed tape? With printed tape, you complete the picture. Printed tape is just a little different from stickers, but you can also order this tape from Dr. Sticker. Unlike stickers, you usually don't use printed tape to stick on your products, but rather to seal the packaging in which your products are packaged. For you as a company, applying the printed tape is the last step in the process, but for the customer, it's the first thing they see. When the customer receives the package from the delivery service, it is immediately clear to them who the package is from.

Do you already use personalized packaging material? Printed tape adds that little extra. For example, choose not to print your company logo, but rather your slogan or something else recognizable on the tape. The packaging material provides recognition for the customer, but the printed tape can be the thing that sticks with the customer. If ordering printed packaging material is just a step too far, printed tape is a great option to still provide recognition to your customers. They won't just receive a boring brown package, but a package that is neatly sealed with tape featuring your own logo.

In short, printed tape is an ideal way to complete the customer journey.

Which Type of Printed Tape is Best for Me?

Dr. Sticker offers printed tape in several different materials and widths. You can order the tape in 5 different materials, namely PVC tape, colored PVC tape, paper tape, PP Acrylic tape, and PP Hotmelt tape. All these types of tape have their own advantages and disadvantages, and we'd like to tell you a bit more about them.

PVC Tape & Colored PVC Tape
PVC tape is the perfect solution for many applications. This tape has high adhesive strength and stretchability. The tape is therefore extremely suitable for sealing cardboard packaging. The tape is also resistant to moisture, low noise, and rolls off easily. When you're packing a lot of boxes, it's nice that the tape is low noise and also rolls off easily when packaging, so this tape is a good solution. In addition to being moisture resistant, this tape can also withstand temperature fluctuations well. Packaging therefore stays better closed, even when exposed to varying temperatures.

Okay, now you know a bit more about the properties of PVC tape, but in what colors can you get them? The standard printed PVC tape is available in white, brown, or transparent tape. The print works best when it's a dark color and doesn't have too many small parts. In addition to the standard options, we also offer the possibility to order colored printed PVC tape. There are 7 different colors available: red, light blue, yellow, green, orange, black, and for an additional charge, fluorescent orange.

The tape can be printed in 1, 2, or 3 printing colors and can be printed in negative at an additional cost. In this case, the design is cut out and the areas around the design are printed.

Paper Tape
With paper tape, you choose an environmentally friendly option; the tape can remain on the packaging when recycled because it is fully recyclable. Just like PVC tape, printed paper tape is also low noise and rolls off easily. However, unlike PVC tape, this tape is not as resistant to moisture and has slightly less adhesive strength. For sealing cardboard boxes with a lighter content, this is still a good solution, but for heavier contents, we recommend PVC tape.

The tape is available in brown or white/cream and can be printed in 1, 2, or 3 printing colors. Please note! This tape cannot be printed with white ink. We also advise against printing the tape in negative.

PP Acrylic Tape
The PP Acrylic tape is also an environmentally friendly option. A special feature of this tape is that it has a low initial adhesive strength, but that the adhesive strength increases as the tape is left on longer. Eventually, the tape has a high adhesive strength like the PVC tape mentioned earlier. However, compared to PVC tape, this tape is not stretchable and not resistant to moisture, so be sure to take this into account when making your choice for this tape. However, like the other two types of tape, this tape is also low noise and rolls off easily.

This tape is available in white, brown, or transparent and can be printed in 1, 2, or 3 printing colors. For the best color fastness, we recommend choosing the white-colored tape. Our advice is not to print this tape in negative.

PP Hotmelt Tape
Finally, there is the PP Hotmelt tape. This tape has a strong initial adhesive strength due to the hotmelt adhesive and is cheaper than PVC tape. The printed tape of this material is also better for use in colder environments than PVC tape, which is best used at room temperature. If you use a box sealing machine, this is the ideal solution due to the high initial adhesive strength. The disadvantage of this film is that, unlike the other three types of tape, this tape is not low noise.

This variant is also available in three basic colors, white, brown, or transparent, and can be printed in 3 printing colors. However, we advise against printing this tape in negative; for this, you are better off using PVC tape.

So there is plenty of choice when you opt for printed tape. Convinced of the power of this product? Then simply order your own printed tape via our webshop or request a quote from us via email.