Which sticker should I choose?

At Dr.Sticker, we are proud to offer a wide variety of materials. For every application, we have a suitable material. Are you looking for stickers but not sure which material is best suited for your application? Then read on quickly and learn all about our materials.

Standard stickers

Our standard materials are real all-rounders, so for most applications, you can simply choose one of these standard sticker types. Are you looking for stickers for promotional purposes or maybe for your products? Then these standard stickers are often the right choice. You have the choice of 3 different variants.

Glossy or matte sticker vinyl

If you choose stickers made of glossy or matte sticker vinyl, you opt for stickers that can be used for, for example, giveaway stickers, product labels, or other short-term applications. These stickers are made of a monomeric sticker vinyl that is printed with weather-resistant ink. The stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors, but they have a shorter lifespan outdoors than when used indoors. For the best result, apply these stickers to a flat surface.

Transparent stickers including or excluding white ink

Are you looking for a slightly different sticker? A sticker with transparent parts? Then you've come to the right place. These stickers are ideal for sticking on glass or other transparent surfaces. Stick them on your window or on a glass jar, it's all possible. These stickers are made of transparent monomeric material and are suitable for sticking on flat surfaces.

When choosing these stickers, it is important to make the right choice between stickers with or without extra white ink. Because the print on this transparent film is also printed with partially transparent ink, colored parts of the design still shine through. You then get a sort of stained glass effect. If this is not the intention, it is best to choose stickers with white ink. This white ink is then printed behind the colored parts. Note! With stickers with only a white print, you should always choose stickers with white ink. White is not normally printed. With stickers on white film, the film is the white color in the stickers, with transparent stickers, everything that is white in your design becomes transparent if you choose stickers without white ink. 

So when can you choose transparent stickers without white ink? When your stickers are stuck on a white background or the stickers only have a black print, then transparent stickers excluding white ink are the right choice. For more information about transparent stickers with white ink, you can read one of our older blogs transparent-vinyl & stickers-met-witte-inkt.

Sticker vinyl with laminate

The last standard option is stickers with a glossy or matte laminate. These stickers made of polymer sticker vinyl are suitable for a wide variety of applications. You can use this material indoors and outdoors and it can be applied to lightly curved surfaces. Due to the extra protective laminate layer, these stickers are extra scratch-resistant and the colors in the design will remain colorfast longer. These stickers are therefore the ideal option if you are looking for stickers with a medium to long lifespan.

Examples of applications for these stickers are stickers for cars, bicycles, or other vehicles with fairly flat surfaces. These stickers can be used on plastered walls, but also for machines (as long as they do not come into contact with chemicals) these stickers are suitable. It is important to note with these stickers that they can only be applied to lightly curved surfaces.

If none of these standard options are the right material for you, don't worry, Dr. Sticker is proud to offer a wide variety of materials. How about special vehicle stickers, window stickers, or machine stickers, for example?

Vehicle stickers

As already indicated, for most applications, standard polymer stickers with matte or glossy laminate can be used. This material is suitable for lightly curved surfaces, so you can stick the stickers made of this material on most parts of vehicles. If you need stickers that need to be applied over strongly curved or extremely uneven parts of the car, you better choose stickers made of car wrap material.

These stickers are printed on a cast sticker vinyl that forms well to the surface it is mounted on. Due to the extra laminate, the stickers are also extra scratch-resistant and the color fastness of the stickers will be retained longer.

Window stickers

Window stickers come in all kinds of materials, the previously mentioned transparent sticker vinyl is one of the common materials used for window stickers. With transparent stickers, you can beautifully incorporate your design on the window, even if there are small parts in the design that cannot be fully contour cut. And when you mirror the design in our design tool, you can use the stickers as an inside window sticker. You then stick the sticker on the inside of the window but see the print on the outside in the correct direction. This way, your stickers will have a longer lifespan, as they are not exposed to the weather conditions from outside.

Are you looking for a temporary solution? Then the static stickers are a good choice. Due to the static charge in windows, these stickers stay in place well but are also easy to remove and reposition. The stickers can therefore be used multiple times.

Need more privacy? You guessed it, you're also in the right place with us. In our design tool, you can easily order one-way vision or sandblasted stickers.

Are you looking for stickers made of sandblast film, also called frosted glass film? The stickers made of this material are an ideal way to provide a little more privacy in your home or office. The film lets light through, but it is difficult to see through the film, you only see the shadows/contours of what is on the other side of the film. Print the film with your own logo or other custom design. 


You can also buy the unprinted film per meter in our webshop 

Looking for a way to advertise while also reducing visibility? Then one-way vision stickers are an ideal solution. Due to the small holes in the film, you can look out from the inside, but only the print is visible from the outside. Note! The privacy effect expires in the evening. 

Floor stickers

Stickers for floors are just a bit trickier than standard stickers, as they are walked on. Therefore, these stickers not only need an extra protective layer but also extra anti-slip protection, as you certainly do not want your customers or visitors to slip on the stickers. The anti-slip laminate provides not only anti-slip effects but also scratch and weather resistance for the stickers.

These stickers are available in 2 different materials, namely a lightly adhesive material and a hard adhesive material. For internal use on flat surfaces, the lightly adhesive variant is a good choice, but if you want to stick the stickers outside or on surfaces with relief, you better choose the hard adhesive variant.

Machine stickers

You can also choose between two types of materials for machine stickers. The standard machine stickers are printed on polymer material with glossy or matte laminate. These stickers can be used on most machines, but if you have a machine finished with powder coating or a machine that often comes into contact with chemicals, you better choose the hard adhesive variant. These stickers are made of cast sticker vinyl with an extra strong adhesive layer and finished with a matte or glossy laminate. On a powder-coated surface, the stickers stay in place well due to this extra hard adhesive layer, and the laminate protects the material extra against chemicals and other substances that the sticker could come into contact with.

Roll stickers

In addition to stickers per piece or per sheet, we also offer stickers on rolls. In our online design tool, you can choose from three standard materials, PP glossy white, PET glossy transparent, or paper white. We also use a number of standard sizes and quantities in the design tool. If the desired quantity or size is not listed, feel free to contact us via email, as we offer more options in addition to the standard sizes and quantities. This also applies to the materials. Are you looking for stickers with a matte finish, for example, you can also order these from us. For all the different options regarding roll stickers, you can contact us via email info@drsticker.nl 

Special stickers

Looking for really special stickers? Then we have plenty of choices for you. How about Ultra Destructable stickers or perhaps temporary textile stickers? Or make it all a little more colorful with fluorescent or reflective stickers. We'll be happy to tell you more about these oddities in the sticker world.

Ultra Destructable

The name may be confusing, why would you want to use stickers that are extremely destructible? But still, this name is perfect for these stickers, as they are made of a material that crumbles into small pieces as soon as someone tries to remove them. These stickers are therefore vandal-proof and ideal for use as, for example, inspection stickers or machine stickers.

Doming stickers

Stickers are usually two-dimensional, but did you know that you can also make 3D stickers? These are called doming stickers (also called domed stickers, gel stickers, or domed stickers). Stickers are printed on sticker vinyl finished with a polyurethane clear resin top layer. This top layer creates the three-dimensional effect of the stickers and at the same time ensures that the stickers are extra protected against external factors such as weather conditions and UV radiation. These stickers are widely used in the automotive industry to mark brands, but they are also used in many different sectors to give products a nice appearance and to provide recognition to the buyer of the product.

Reflective & fluorescent stickers

Need stickers that stand out extra well? Then try our reflective or fluorescent stickers.

The reflective stickers are printed on white weather-resistant retro-reflective film. They are often used for traffic information or warning stickers, but can also be used, for example, as license plate stickers. Note that all printed parts will no longer reflect light.

The fluorescent stickers are also nice and noticeable. These stickers are printed on yellow or orange/red film, the choice is yours. This cast sticker vinyl stands out well during the day, but this film is also extra noticeable in twilight and poor visibility. As with the reflective stickers, the printed parts of the stickers will no longer fluoresce.

Looking for the unprinted versions of these films? Easily order these through our webshop reflective & fluorescent.

Textile stickers

Need stickers for a trade show or conference? Then textile stickers are definitely a must. These textile stickers are the ideal stickers for name stickers! The stickers stick well to textiles but are also easy to remove at the end of the day without leaving any adhesive residue on the clothing. The stickers can be written on with a waterproof marker.

Magnetic stickers

Then there are also the magnetic stickers, as the name suggests, these are stickers printed on magnetic film. This film is 0.9 millimeters thick, much thicker than the stickers made of sticker vinyl, and is held in place not by an adhesive layer but by magnetic force on the substrate. These stickers are ideal for (temporary) advertising messages on vehicles or other metal/steel surfaces.

After reading this blog, are you still not entirely sure? Feel free to contact us via info@drsticker.nl or by phone at 0165-534026.