When Fire Breaks Out, This Sticker Can Save Your Pet!

Every year, hundreds of pets in the Netherlands die in house fires. With our sticker, we believe we can reduce this number.

Save Your Pet in Emergencies

A pet. For some people, it's not just a pet. Pets are taken into families and are therefore considered as 'own children' or 'young siblings'. They mean much more to many people than just an animal you feed and provide shelter for, and that's exactly why it's important to keep them safe when something happens.

You might be wondering: what could happen? Well, actually quite a lot. There could be a fire in your home or you could be involved in an accident. At such times, people often do not think about the pet still in the house. When emergency services arrive at your home, they are focused on saving human lives, not animal lives. The latter happens because emergency services do not know [1] if there are pets, [2] what kind of pets they are, and [3] how many pets there are. Dr. Sticker has found a solution to this: the 'Attention! Pets Inside' sticker. This sticker should be placed on windows or the front door so that emergency services can see the sticker immediately when they enter a building. This enables them to search more effectively and increases the chance of survival for your pet.

'Attention! Pets Inside' Sticker

We want as many pets as possible to be saved, which is why we have released the 'Attention! Pets Inside' sticker. Our stickers immediately show what type of pet you have and how many. This allows the emergency services to see at a glance what they should be looking for.

Below is an example of our 'Attention! Pets Inside' sticker.

Cliparts like the above image can be found in our online design tool under cliparts, then under the 'pets' category. In the templates, we have left the 'chimney' empty so that you can fill in what pets (in this case dogs) you have in your home. Besides dogs, we also have multiple templates of other animals for you to design your own stickers. We offer standard templates for the following pets:
- Cat
- Dog
- Rabbit
- Fish
- Mouse/rat
- Frog
- Guinea pig/hamster
- Bird
- Ferret
- Turtle

If Your Pet Sticker Isn't Included?

Don't worry! We have also added a blank template as a clipart.

Choose this blank template in the design tool and then choose from one of our other animal cliparts under the 'animals' category, or add your own photo or design to the tool. Be creative, but don't forget the goal we all have in mind: making the type and number of pets clearly visible to emergency services. This is what we aim to emphasize as clearly as possible!

If you're looking for a completely different design, you can also design it yourself in the online design tool. If you need some help from our design team, you can always request a quote from us.