Best Temperature for Applying Your Stickers

What is often forgotten when applying stickers is that the temperature is essential for proper adhesion. Both too low or too high temperatures will have their effects on the adhesive strength of the stickers.

Ideal Temperature for Applying Your Stickers

The ideal temperature for applying a sticker is between 15 and 30 degrees Celsius. However, note that this temperature applies to both ambient temperature and, just as importantly, the temperature of the surface itself.

Mounting in Too Cold Temperatures

When the sticker is mounted in too cold temperatures, the adhesive layer is too hard and thick, causing it not to adhere well. A solution may be to heat the surface and later the sticker with a hairdryer to reach the correct temperature. Be cautious with windows as there is a risk of breakage. In practice, we find that mounting around 10 degrees Celsius does not necessarily cause problems, but be sure that the surface is not much colder than 10 degrees. Simple tips include: Do not apply stickers on a cold day in the morning but later in the afternoon, when it is warmer. Or for example, when mounting a car sticker; Put the car inside the garage for it to warm up.

Mounting in Too Warm Temperatures

When mounting stickers in too warm environments or on surfaces, the adhesive layer becomes too soft, making the stickers almost like chewing gum. We do not recommend mounting in too warm temperatures. Do not apply car stickers in the full sun on a summer day, but put them inside the garage in time to cool down. Once stickers are mounted in the right conditions, they can withstand temperatures from -40 to 80 degrees Celsius. Being aware of the correct temperature of the environment and surface will contribute to good adhesive strength of the stickers.

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