Four Tips to Keep Your Car Wrap Looking Great for Longer

A car wrap is an efficient and original way to attract attention to your project or your company. However, it is important that your wrap continues to look beautiful and well-maintained over the years. We give you 4 tips for this!

After all, your car is a business card for your company. Expert mounting and finishing naturally contribute to the longevity of your wrap, but good care and aftercare are also essential. That's why we have a few tips for you to ensure that the wrap not only lasts longer, but also looks good for longer.

1. Clean Thoroughly!

It is important to clean your car regularly after wrapping it. Preferably do this by hand to prevent damage. If you still take your car through the car wash, choose a car wash that does not use hard brushes. It is also wise to clean bird droppings or any petrol and diesel residues immediately. Special cleaning agents are available for cleaning the wrap, but you can also use regular car shampoo. If you use a high-pressure cleaner, keep a sufficient distance and make sure that the water temperature remains below 60 degrees to prevent damage. It is also important to rinse your car thoroughly with clean water after washing to prevent soap residue from remaining on the vehicle.

2. Consider the Type of Wrapping Film

Each wrap has its own conditions and qualities and must therefore be cared for in different ways. Make sure you are well aware of the type of wrap used for your vehicle and use suitable products. For example, it is important to use as few gloss enhancers as possible for a matte car wrap. Grease stains such as fingerprints can easily be removed from a matte film using degreasing spray. (Curious about the various types of films available? Check out the different car wrap films we offer here)

3. Remove Minor Scratches

Over time, if you notice small scratches on the car wrap, you can easily remove them yourself. If the scratches are not too deep, they can be easily remedied by lightly heating the wrap, for example, by blowing a hairdryer on the surface; the scratches will disappear on their own. Sometimes it is even sufficient to leave the car in the sun for a short time, but be sure not to leave the vehicle there for too long.

4. Park Your Car Indoors!

If your car is regularly exposed to heavy rain showers, falling leaves, or bright sunlight, your car wrap may look less attractive over time. We therefore recommend parking your car in a garage or other covered area. If that is not possible, it is important to park your vehicle in a shady area to minimize exposure to UV rays as much as possible.

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