It's still possible: Save money and energy now with our window films!

Ever heard of fiscal benefits after applying window films to your company or association? You can still enjoy this benefit, but not for much longer! Read more about this great way to save money using the EIA scheme and energy savings.

Save money through the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) scheme

How does it work exactly? The EIA is a fiscal deduction scheme that offers financial benefits to entrepreneurs who invest in sustainable energy and energy-saving assets. In addition to depreciation, you can deduct an additional amount from the profit for energy-efficient investments. For the profit of 2017, this is 55% of your investment.

Note: You can still submit an application until September 1, 2017!*

How can Dr. Sticker help?

Dr. Sticker's sun-shielding window films fall under energy-saving assets. This is because the sun-shielding window films keep the temperature in a room constant to a certain extent. This means that the air conditioning in the summer doesn't have to work as hard or not at all, and in the winter the heating can remain off. Lower energy consumption is a logical consequence. Lower energy consumption contributes to sustainable entrepreneurship and it saves money since electricity and heating costs are limited.

Our window films that save money and energy

Our sun-shielding window films contain UV absorbers that lower the temperature in a room by up to 7 degrees. In addition, the window films have an insulating effect. You'll notice the difference immediately after applying the window films!

We offer various types of sun-shielding window films, with different tints and reflections. For advice, it's best to call +31 165 534026 or request a quotation (response within 24 hours).

Ready to order?

Order the sun-shielding window films online here and choose from:
- Sun-shielding silver window film
- Sun-shielding neutral window film
- UV-shielding window film

*More information about the Energy Investment Allowance (EIA) can be found here and here.