Types of Adhesives

The type of adhesive used for a sticker depends heavily on certain factors. How long should the sticker remain adhered, and what type of material is the surface? Equally important is the temperature. Some adhesives are sensitive to very warm or cold temperatures.

What types of adhesives are there?

Permanent adhesive: Intended for permanent use and difficult to remove. The surface may be damaged upon removal. The adhesive is water-based.

Extra permanent adhesive: As the name suggests, this adhesive has very strong adhesion, especially on rough surfaces. Due to its strong adhesion, it's almost impossible to remove without leaving behind damage. For example, avoid using it on paint, as the paint is likely to come off with the sticker.

Removable adhesive: Leaves minimal residue upon removal. However, its adhesive strength is weaker than the average adhesive.

Semi-permanent adhesive: A special type that allows the sticker to be repositioned quickly. This is useful if you're not satisfied with the placement or if you find a better spot for the sticker later. After some time, the sticker will adhere to the surface, making reapplication impossible.

Permanent melt adhesive: Excellent for conditions well below freezing. The adhesive can be applied at temperatures as low as 0 degrees Celsius. These stickers are often used in cold environments, which may reduce their longevity. The adhesive lasts for 1 year, and for optimal results, it should be replaced afterward.

Hot melt adhesive: A special adhesive initially in the form of pellets or sticks. At that point, it's a solid dry substance that becomes liquid when heated. The adhesive also expands. Once cooled, it permanently adheres to the surface and sticker.

All these adhesive types maintain their adhesive strength at temperatures between -10 and 60 degrees Celsius. Only the permanent melt adhesive is an exception, as it can withstand temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius.

In general, an adhesive layer takes 1 to 2 days to fully adhere to the surface.

Structured adhesive / Dotfix

In addition to the type of adhesive, adhesive can also have a certain structure. For example, there's a structure that makes it easy to remove air during sticker application, preventing air bubbles. The dot structure is perfect for short-term use of adhesive and stickers. Because the sticker can be applied and removed quickly, this is very popular at events. For example, at a multi-day trade show, the dot structure allows you to easily give your booth an attractive look.

Suction Cups Instead of Adhesive?!

At Dr.Sticker, we utilize various types of films from the YUPO brand. These films adhere to surfaces through micro-suction cups instead of adhesive. The material, therefore, lacks a sticky layer, meaning stickers made from this film leave no adhesive residue when removed. Ideal for temporary applications.

What is the ideal temperature for applying stickers?

It is strongly advised to apply stickers only at a certain temperature, which is around 10 degrees Celsius. Please note: this refers to the temperature of the surface. For example, if it has been below 0 degrees Celsius for a week and then suddenly rises to 10 degrees Celsius, the surface may not immediately reach the desired temperature. So, keep an eye on this!
For more information, check out our blog "Best temperature to apply your stickers"

How long is the adhesive of good quality?

The longevity of the sticker, and therefore its adhesive, is approximately 2 years. This is when the sticker has not yet been applied and has been stored under proper conditions.
Some tips for storing your stickers:
Unpack them from the box and packaging material, and if possible, unroll them (preferably lay them flat).
Avoid exposing stickers to water or moisture.
Store indoors at a consistent room temperature (preferably in a closed space).

Having trouble with lots of adhesive residue?

Removing stickers may seem like a tedious and time-consuming task. However, with the right knowledge and tools at hand, it doesn't have to be. Dr.Sticker provides tips for easily removing stickers. You can read more about this in our blog "Easy sticker removal" lees je hier meer over.

Ordering stickers:

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