4 tips for a clean and grease-free sticker surface

How do you ensure that the surface where you're going to apply the stickers is clean and grease-free? A well-cleaned and grease-free surface is essential to ensure that the sticker remains adhesive for years to come.

Tip 1: Clean the surface of loose dirt as efficiently as possible

Of course, it depends on the type of surface how easy it is to clean, you can easily drive a car through a car wash to clean it, and a plastic sign is easily rinsed off with a high-pressure sprayer. The most important tip here is to work as effectively as possible with the available resources. Don't start cleaning with a small bowl of soapy water or loose cleaning cloths if your car is still full of loose dirt, but put the car in a car wash box or drive it through the car wash.
For smaller surfaces, a soapy solution with lukewarm water and detergent/cleaning agent is sufficient. Make sure to touch everything well during cleaning. Every grain of sand or impurity that you leave behind will always be visible when applying the sticker.

Tip 2: Avoid ammonia, lemon, and wax

Make sure to exclude the following components while cleaning the surface:
Ammonia: Do not use ammonia when cleaning, as it will later affect the adhesive layer of the stickers.
Lemon: Do not use lemon-scented dish soap, as it will dissolve the adhesive layer of the stickers after a few months.
Wax: Do not apply wax to your car before applying the stickers. The wax will prevent the stickers from adhering firmly enough.

Tip 3: Degrease the surface properly

If a surface is not properly degreased, the sticker will not stick. Grease prevents the adhesive layer from adhering to the surface. Degreasing can be done simply with soapy water (water with a drop of dish soap, but without lemon), but it's even better to use a special degreasing agent. These agents are more powerful and faster to use than a soapy solution.

Tip 4: Ensure a dry and dust-free surface with a microfiber cloth

Make sure there are no degreasing agents or other substances left on the surface and make the surface dust-free again. Logically, these agents can then no longer affect the sticker, and dust particles will not be visible under the sticker. A microfiber cloth has the property of attracting dust, which works very well.

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