Durability of Unapplied Stickers

Can you store stickers indefinitely before applying them? No! There is certainly a shelf life for your stickers.

How long can I wait to apply my stickers? Will my stickers always stay good? No!

Your stickers have an adhesive layer with a certain shelf life from the moment of production in the factory. Normally, an adhesive layer has a lifespan of 2 years. After that, the adhesion will gradually weaken and become less effective. You should therefore ideally apply the sticker within 2 years to ensure proper adhesion to the surface.

Note! We are talking about stickers that have not yet been applied and are still on the backing paper. Stickers that have been applied will remain good for much longer.


Applied stickers must be applied within 3 months of delivery. This is because the application layer has a much shorter lifespan. If you have left the applied sticker lying for some time, always re-rub the application film firmly.

Some tips for storing your stickers

- Unpacked from the box and packaging material and possibly unrolled (preferably laid flat)
- Avoid water or moisture coming into contact with stickers
- Store indoors at a consistent room temperature (preferably in a closed space)
- If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact us

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