Body Sticker Art, the Black Tape Project

Wrapping a car with sticker foil is nothing out of the ordinary anymore. But covering your bare body entirely with stickers instead of clothing is not something you see every day. The American Black Tape Project is changing that.

Body Sticker Art

This extravagant visual project has been spreading all over the world through (social) media. Traditional fashion is completely turned upside down. Boundaries are entirely shattered with this creative way of adorning your body. The Black Tape Project is an experiment that tries to sensually represent human forms. It's the ultimate combination of innovation and seduction.

Joel Alvarez

The initiator of this Black Tape Project is Joel Alvarez. This artist from Miami describes the project as an embodiment of Miami nightlife. The sticker material is actually just a type of electrical tape. From a simple material, your body is transformed into a unique work of art.


The real breakthrough of this Black Tape Project came in 2011 when FHM magazine featured celebrity model Vida Guerra in a Black Tape outfit on the cover. After that, various well-known DJs like Michael Bay, Rick Ross, Omarion, Carl Cox, Steve Aoki, used Black Tape models in their shows. A great success that spread from Miami to cities in the United States like Las Vegas, New York, and various countries in Europe.

Through the website, you can hire this project, from designer and models to your own Black Tape makeover including photo and video coverage. The Facebook page of the Black Tape project is full of inspiring photos and videos that give a good impression of what is possible with this body sticker art.

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