3M Di-NOC Film

3M DI-NOC offers a new way to give your interior or exterior a fresh look. If you're looking for a stylish new interior, choose 3M DI-NOC film. This 3M DI-NOC film is perfect for renovating buildings, restyling furniture & decor, and giving doors a new appearance. Within a short time, your office, shop, living room, counter, hallway, or waiting room will be transformed into a completely new design.

Real Look and Feel

The warmth of wood grain. The smooth look of metal. The freshness of natural stone. These are just a few examples of the creative freedom that DI-NOC decorative films can offer you. With 3M DI-NOC, you can create a beautiful appearance for your interior surfaces, entirely to your liking.
3M DI-NOC film is used by designers and architects worldwide as decorative material. This finish gives you almost endless creative freedom; you can choose from styles like wood, metallic, leather, abstract, stone, carbon, and hundreds more. With over 500 designs, 3M offers you plenty of choices, allowing you to unleash your creativity.

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Installation & Quality

All 3M films can be applied quickly, quietly, and cleanly to various surfaces, including wood, plastic, and aluminum. This offers great benefits when existing spaces need to be renovated or redecorated. Offices, as well as hotels and restaurants, can be quickly and effectively given a new style with as little disruption to daily activities as possible. A completely different interior in no time, that's what 3M DI-NOC film stands for.
The 3M DI-NOC film is easy to apply thanks to the simple application of 3M Comply™ Adhesive Technology. It allows air to escape through thin air channels in the adhesive layer for quick application, free of air bubbles, and the adhesive strength remains optimal on almost any surface.
The self-adhesive films are of high quality, and you can quickly process your designs. 3M DI-NOC films are reliable, durable, and highly deformable. Even round surfaces, such as counters, can be easily given a completely different appearance.
Installation is possible by yourself, but we also offer the option for us to do the installation.

Maintenance & Removal

Cleaning the DI-NOC film can be done with a soft cloth with water and soap. For heavy soiling, you can use water and soap with a temperature of up to 80 degrees. In extreme situations, you can use 3M Film Cleaner diluted with water. If you want to remove the film, that's possible. The 3M DI-NOC film is removable with the help of heat and/or steam.


DI-NOC film realistically creates the effects of natural materials, with an unbelievable resemblance. DI-NOC delivers the look & feel you want, at a price much cheaper than natural design.


DI-NOC film has perfect resistance to water, dirt, and wear. Advanced 3M techniques have been used for this film. With a 12-year warranty for indoor use and 5 years for outdoor use, 3M demonstrates the excellent quality and durability of the product.

Why Choose 3M DI-NOC Film?

It's a lightweight and self-adhesive film that can be applied on location and on existing surfaces. It saves you labor costs and material costs compared to applying natural materials. Thanks to the strong resemblance between DI-NOC film and natural materials, you maintain the appearance. With DI-NOC products, you can create a completely new style quickly and at low cost.