Readability from a Distance

Unfortunately, we see it too often, especially on sports fields. A billboard full of small texts and the use of incorrect color schemes. Perfectly readable when you're up close, but no consideration has been given to ensuring readability from more than 60 meters away. Missed opportunity, so here are the key aspects that contribute to increased readability.


For font size, you can follow this rule of thumb:

Font Size : Distance / 3 = Height in cm

For example: You want the text to be visible from 100 meters away. Then you need to divide 100 meters by three, resulting in 33 cm. So you need letters that are at least 33 cm high. This rule of thumb is an easy tool, but the margins are slightly broader.


It is also necessary to consider whether the advertisement is read by a pedestrian or a motorist passing by at a speed of 120 km per hour. Naturally, it is important to use the largest font size possible when seen at higher speeds.


Whether you are walking past an advertisement or driving by, the text should be readable at a glance. It also helps to think about the spacing between individual letters. Increasing this space between the letters will certainly improve readability.

Keep Your Advertisement Simple

An design should not contain too many details, keep it simple with contrasting colors.


Each color has a different effect on readability. The best colors for a well-readable message are red and white. However, this is different for lighted signs, where the color white can have a glare effect on other colors, causing the white and the rest to blend together.


The choice of colors is very important depending on the surface where the advertisement will be placed. For example, a red advertisement on a red brick wall will completely blend in. Black text on a car window is completely illegible and for this you should use white instead. And a white advertisement on a background of sky on a roof is usually not visible during the day.

Corporate Identity

According to your corporate identity manual, changing colors, font sizes, or spacing is a mortal sin. And that's true! But there are other ways to achieve the same goal. Get good advice and, if necessary, update the manual to take into account the aspects of readability.

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