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Election time! Ensure a safe royuting

RIVM has established 7 different measures that polling stations must adhere to.

The seven measures are:

  1. Voters and polling station members must keep a distance of 1.5 meters from each other in the polling station. Fixed walking routes must be indicated. Ensure that one and a half meters can be kept in the polling station at all times, both by voters and polling station members themselves, and by voters and polling station members with each other. Place cough screens between polling station members.
  2. Ventilation of the polling stations. Dirty air must be removed and fresh outside air must be supplied.
  3. Access to the polling station. There should not be too many voters in the polling station at the same time. If voters have to wait outside the polling station, 1.5 meters must also be kept in the queue
  4. Hygiene in the polling station. Extra hygienic measures must be taken, such as disinfection of the hands by voters, the wearing of gloves by polling station members who check the voting passes and identification documents of voters. Pencils, voting booths and any other aids must also be cleaned at least every half hour.
  5. health check. Both voters and polling station members must be able to answer all questions of the health check with NO. Voters should also be made aware that they can grant power of attorney to another voter if the voter does have complaints. 
  6. Personal protective equipment for polling station members and voters. The use of a mouth-nose mask is mandatory for everyone aged 13 and older (i.e. all voters) within the polling station. A faceshield is not an alternative to a mouth cap for public use. ( There is an exception for people who cannot wear a mouth cap due to their disability or illness.)
  7. Communication/information. Prior to Election Day, the various measures will be made clear to voters through an information campaign.


To help municipalities comply with various guidelines during national elections, Dr. Sticker has a number of different products available. There are six different floor stickers that can be used to indicate the walking route and the 1.5 meter distance rules . This makes it possible to clearly indicate in the polling stations which direction voters should follow and where the entrance and exit of the polling station is. There is also a floor sticker that indicates where voters should wait . In addition, Dr. Sticker also offers posters with all the different COVID-19 rules.

Dr. Sticker also has a number of products available for meeting the guidelines regarding hygiene within the polling stations. Such as a disinfection column in polling station design, disinfection handgel and professional cleaner .

The various corona products especially for the elections to the House of Representatives are made of good quality. The floor stickers can be used both indoors and outdoors on any type of flat surface. The stickers are finished with a non-slip layer and have a high-tack adhesive that ensures that the sticker stays in place, but is also easy to remove. This is especially important for a temporary application such as elections.

If you are looking for other 'keep distance' aids, we offer a large number of other types of products in our webshop. View these products here

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