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Shipping & returning

On the following webpage you will find information concerning the returning of your products and information concerning the delivery of Dr. Sticker. Besides, below you can fill in the contact form.  

1. Returning

1.1 Which products of Dr. Sticker can I return? 
You are able to return not-personalised products. Not-personalised products are accessories and interior-, wrap- and attaching films per meter. All other webshop-products are made on demand and can therefore not be returned.  

1.2 How long do I have the right to withdraw my agreement?
When you agreed upon the agreement with Dr. Sticker, and the recipient does receive the product physically in a good condition, do you have the right to return you order within 14 days. With recipient does Dr. Sticker mean yourself or another by you indicated person (that is not the transporter). 

1.3 How can I indicate that I want to cancel my agreement?
Through a clear explanation you can indicate to Dr. Sticker that you would like to cancel your agreement. Due to the probability that you would like to have evidence (see 1.8) of your cancelation, we advise you to indicate your desire of cancelation to us with letter. You can send us a letter by registered post or an email. For this see our contact details. See 1.2 to know whether you are able to cancel your agreement.

1.4 Do I have to give the reason in my explanation? 
When you wish to return your products, and you are busy with the creation of an explanation, it is not mandatory to insert the reason of your returned products. However, Dr. Sticker is allowed to ask you for a reason.
In case you send the products back, because you would like to use your right on the warranty, it is mandatory to indicate what the reason is. This means that you have to indicate what is wrong with the product. 

1.5 In what state does the product have to be in case of returning? 
When you receive the product you are obviously allowed to unpack the product. Besides you can use the product in a way that you can judge whether you would like to keep the product or would like to return it. Keep in mind that when the product is being used more than necessary a decrease in value can apply. Therefore be careful with the packaging of your product, so Dr. Sticker will be able to resell the product in case of returning.

1.6 What do I get reimbursed?
When you place an order at Dr. Sticker you will obviously receive one or several products. In case you do return the complete order are possible costs made for the shipment and possible extra costs that you made (choosing for an express delivery method) for your own account. All other costs will be reimbursed to you by Dr. Sticker.
In case you do not return the full order, Dr. Sticker will only reimburse the costs of the products that you have returned. 
In section 1.5 is indicated which actions can cause a decrease in value to you product.

1.7 How long does it take before I will be reimbursed? 
Dr. Sticker will reimburse you as soon as possible, with a maximum delay of 14 days.

1.8 Is the onus of proof on you or on Dr. Sticker in case of returning a product?
When you return a product, the risk, and therefore the onus of proof is completely on you. Dr. Sticker advises you therefore to send the more expensive products by registered post.


2. Shipping

2.1 My delivery did not arrive, who is responsible for that?
In case you and Dr. Sticker did not made an exceptional agreement, is Dr. Sticker responsible for the delivery of your order. In case your delivery has not yet arrived and you were expecting the delivery, you can contact us via:

  • Tel : +49 211 38789298 (choose 1 in the menu);
  • Or you can send an email to [email protected].



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