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Chrome Silver or Gold Foil - Polyester Film - Adhesive Film - Self Adhesive - Mirror - Sticker

The Pro-Vinyl mirror foil is a budget-friendly chrome foil that is suitable for almost all conceivable indoor and outdoor applications with a flat surface. Turn any flat surface into a mirror effect with this chrome foil or use the foil in a creative way to give objects a fresh look.
This polyester film is made of high-quality materials and has a metallic coating that creates a mirror-like surface. This makes it perfect for a wide variety of uses, from decorating your home to creating beautiful works of art. For example, think of cabinets, doors or trays. You can also use the foil in a cutting plotter to plot texts or logos.

Product properties Film type: Metallized mirror polyester film
Adhesive: Removable (may leave adhesive residue), transparent
Film thickness: 60 microns
Backing paper thickness: 140g/m²
Roll width: 117 cm
Expected lifespan for indoor use: 5-7 years
Expected outdoor life: 2-3 years

To colour:
This foil is available in gold and silver.

This foil is available in the dimensions 117 cm by 1, 2, 3, 5 and 10 meters.

Sticking instructions:
It is possible to stick this chrome foil in 2 ways. Paste dry or wet (wet is definitely recommended for large surfaces)
Dry Paste Manual
Step 1: Preparation Make sure that the surface on which the chrome sticker foil is to be applied is clean and dry. Clean the surface thoroughly with soap and water, then dry completely with a clean cloth.
Step 2: Apply Remove the protective film from the back of the chrome sticker film and place the sticker on the surface. Make sure you place the position of the sticker accurately and prevent air bubbles from forming under the sticker.
Step 3: Alignment Once you have positioned the decal correctly, use a squeegee or credit card to press the decal onto the surface. Start in the center of the decal and gradually work your way out to remove any air bubbles and set the decal completely in place.
Step 4: Finishing Once the decal is in place, use a sharp knife to trim off any excess film around the edges of the surface. This will ensure that the decal looks neat and stays in place.
Wet paste manual
Step 1: Clean the surface - Wipe the surface on which you want to stick the sticker with a dry cloth to remove dust and dirt.
Step 2: Mix soap with water - Add a few drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle of water and mix well. Please note only use green soap and absolutely nothing with citrus
Step 3: Apply the soapy water - Spray the entire surface sufficiently. Make sure the surface is completely covered with the soapy water.
Step 4: Place the foil - Remove the backing from the foil and place the sticky side on the surface. Adjust the foil until the desired position is reached.
Step 5: Remove the air bubbles - Use a bank card or similar object to smooth out the foil and remove any air bubbles. Start in the center of the foil and work your way out to the edges. Rub all soapy water from the surface well, until everything is tight
Step 6: Let the foil dry - Allow the foil to dry until the soapy water has dried and the decal is firmly attached to the surface. This can take at least a few hours (depending on the ratio of soap suds.
If the decal is not attached properly, you can repeat the steps above or consider re-installing

  • Do not remove the foil from the tube until you actually start sticking! Do you remove the foil earlier and put it aside for a while because you don't want to stick it until later? Then air tunnels can form in the foil that cannot be removed.
  • This foil is not suitable for wrapping.
  • Glue residues may remain when the film is removed.
  • This foil gives a mirror effect, but will not give an actual crystal clear mirror image. The reflection is a bit blurry, as chrome always does.
  • This film is suitable for all smooth surfaces, provided they are free of dust and grease. Not suitable for untreated wood, first apply a primer or paint/lacquer to the wood.
  • We only take back rolls if they are unused, not yet cut and/or opened/damaged.
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