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Material recommendations for different kinds of stickers

Material recommendations for different kind of stickers

Standard Stickers
Our standard stickers are custom printed and suitable for many different applications. You can choose between a glossy or matt finish. All these stickers can be used inside as well as outside. Rain, hail, wind or frost? No problem, these labels are extremely weather resistant.

Promotion Stickers
These stickers are perfect for an event or a promotion campaign. We produce them in any required shape, colour or quantity.

Product labels can be ordered from 1 for your specific product. You can choose between a glossy or matt finish standard sticker or even a transparent vinyl. From a number of 1000 pieces we can also deliver roll labels.

Vehicle Lettering
For vehicle lettering we use high quality film which has a long durability. This material contains a special „Easy Apply“ layer, which makes applying much easier. If you are going to apply the sticker on a curved surface, we strongly recommend a car wrap film, which has been developed for that purpose and will adjust perfectly to the surface.

Wall Decals
Choose between a glossy of matt finish for your preferred wall decal. The special adhesive layer allows the decal to stick even on a slightly structured surface. Feel free to order your favourite colour, shape and quantity.

Floor Decals
Using a floor decal will visually strengthen your promotional message. The right material depends on the durability request of the sticker, we have decals for permanent or periodic usage. Furthermore, These stickers can be used inside as well as outside, i.e. on asphalted streets.

Window Stickers / Glass decoration
The possibilities to design a window are very diverse. Think of static sticker material or frosted / etched film. To provide more privacy you can also take a special perforated pattern vinyl “one way vision” which can be viewed from the printed side, while obscuring the viewer from seeing through. However, it allows full see-through vision from the opposite, unprinted side.

XXL Stickers / Wide Format Printing
XXL stickers are made from a high quality vinyl. In addition to that, these are provided with an „easy apply“ layer, which makes applying much easier. Furthermore, the sticker (will get)/has an additional laminated protection layer against scratches.

Resin Domed Labels / 3D-stickers
Are you looking for fancy stickers? Doming stickers are very durable stickers with a fantastic and extravagant look, which will really add brand value to your products. These kind of stickers are supplied on vinyl with a thick resin dome applied to the surface.

Clear / Translucent Stickers
These translucent waterproof labels can be used for both inside and outside. Please note that when these transparent labels are stuck onto a dark surface the print will be less visible. If you require, we can print an opaque white ink behind your design to make it stand out. The white ink is not a standard process when ordering.

Inspection Stickers & Control Labels
Control labels mark machines or tools which have been inspected. For this purpose you can choose between a standard or a strong apply layer. If you even expect a sticker not to be removed you can choose a material which is called “Ultra destructible."

Machine stickers
For this purpose we use strong and durable sticker material which is resistant to oil, water, cleansing agents or extreme weather. Use these stickers for identification or warning messages on your machines or tools.

Temporary Stickers
Stickers for a limited period of time can be ordered with a temporary apply layer. It allows you to remove the sticker together with the apply layer much more easily. If you dispose of a electrostatic surface you van even use a static material which doesn’t contain any adhesive layer at all.

Magnetic foil
If you dispose of a metal surface you can also use a magnetic foil. This foil can be printed like other printable films and is usually used for designation of vehicles and signs.

Paper Labels
You will find these stickers frequently on brochures to add some extra information. It will be a cost-efficient solution if you need a higher quantity of standard shape stickers. These stickers are exclusively recommended for indoor usage.

Specialty (special) Stickers
Different demands ask for different solutions. We provide different materials for nearly all applications. Think of vinyl which can be applied on a banner, on a sail or on temporary textile vinyl. Furthermore, you can also use reflective or fluorescent labels which can be printed using a black colour.

Labels on Roll / Plain Roll Labels
From a number of 1000 pieces we can deliver the labels on roll. Roll labels are excellent for retail stores that need any kind of packaging or product labels.

Printable banner material with outstanding and water resistant print quality. You can choose between a high quality Frontlit 510 grams or a Mesh polyester which has been developed for windy places. All banners will be delivered with a strong seam and waterproof mounting rings.

Printable canvas for graphics and photography. The canvas will be delivered on a wooden frame. Depending on the picture, this product fits either to private interior decoration or to office accommodations.

Vinyl Lettering & Decals / Cut vinyl transfers
Perfect one-colour material for vehicles, boats, walls or billboard lettering. Our vinyl transfers are made by cutting rolls of self adhesive vinyl with your design and applying an application tape to the top. You will find a big variety of vinyl with special effects. Think of a wide range of glossy or matt vinyl colours, brushed, polished, reflective or fluorescent films. The colours of these films are very long lasting.

General instructions for stickers
Instructions for big stickers
Instructions for cut vinyl transfers
Instructions for contour cut stickers

In just 5 steps, you will apply your sticker as a true professional.

1. Clean the surface
Make sure your surface is clean and free from fat and oil. Add a drop of washing detergent to the water. This will help you to easily place and readjust your sticker if necessary.

2. Remove the sticker from the backing paper.

3. Place the sticker.
Begin at the top. Press it from top to bottom until the sticky side of the sticker has properly adhered to the surface. Check, if the sticker is attached properly. If not, you will be able to readjust it carefully.

4. Press Smooth and Flat
Press the sticker until it is completely smooth and flat for the best effect. Press from the middle of the sticker to the outer edges to remove any air that is trapped under the sticker.

5. Fantastic Results
Great! Your sticker is perfectly placed and firmly stuck to the surface! Is there still air trapped under the sticker? No need to worry. You can remove it by pricking the sticker with a fine needle. The result? A beautiful, flat sticker!

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