Acrylic letters & numbers

  • Beautiful 3D effect
  • Weather resistant
  • 100% recycled material
We have professional laser machines which enable us to guarantee the highest quality. Our plastic letters are often used for signage or for example for a name in a child's room.
  • Cast acrylic
  • Low maintenance
  • Arial font
Delivery specifications
What do I need to mount acrylic letters/numbers?
You can choose to have all the necessary items supplied by us for the letters. This makes mounting very easy. We offer 3 options:

Spacers, adhesive, and template
With spacers, your facade letters appear to float. By not mounting the facade letter directly on the wall but instead with a spacer, you achieve a 3D effect.

Adhesive mould with Adhesive film or Polymeric sealant
If you want to mount the letters directly onto something, choose this option.

NOTE!: Select mounting supplies only once per order, we will supply this for the entire order.

By first sticking the adhesive mould to the chosen surface, you can easily stick the letters in place with the sealant. First, apply the double-sided tape to the letter to prevent it from shifting.

What font are the Acrylic letters in?
Our Acrylic letters / numbers / punctuation are in the Arial font by default. Other fonts are available upon request.

Can I hang the letters outside?
Yes! Our acrylic letters are suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Our maintenance advice is to clean them at least once a year or when dirt is visible, but in general, acrylic is low maintenance.

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