Sticker removal kits

  • Specially curated by us
  • Ecological sticker remover
  • Leaves the surface clean again
Stickers are designed to adhere well to surfaces, but what if you want to remove the sticker? Depending on how long the sticker has been applied and the type of surface it's stuck to, removing stickers can be challenging. That's why Dr.Sticker now offers the Sticker Removal Kit!
  • Ecological sticker remover
  • Scraper
  • Microfiber cloth

  • Contents
    Standard: 1x Microfiber cloth 1x Scraper 1x Eco-friendly adhesive remover
    Medium: 6x Microfiber cloth 3x Scraper 3x Eco-friendly adhesive remover
    Large: 10x Microfiber cloth 6x Scraper 6x Eco-friendly adhesive remover

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Tuesday, July 16