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UV heat resistant window film

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UV and heat resistant film

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Professional durable UV and heat resistant window film for indoor use. Stick your windows on the inside with this UV and heat resistant silver foil and depending on what type you take, you reduce UV radiation and heat radiation within your space

Neutral tinted film with a high heat resistance and 99% UV filtering. Despite the light tint it gives
this series still has a high heat resistance. The UV filtering has the great advantage that furniture or
garments discolour less quickly. This is a very transparent film which remains a clear view
to give. this is often used in shops and homes.
Available in 1 shade: 70
Our window film is of a durable quality which remains beautiful for years. This is therefore not comparable with the construction market quality, whereby an aging process quickly occurs.

This window film is easy to apply with soap suds. 1 liter of water with half a teaspoon of shampoo without addition (eg baby shampoo)

SUN 70
Technical data
Light transmission: 67%
Stopped solar energy: 50%
UV light reduction: 99%
External reflection: 19%
Internal reflection: 17%
Reduction of glare: 25%
Absorbed solar energy: 34%
IR protection: 88%
Shadow factor: .58
Solar Accession Factor: .50
U-factor NFRC: 1.01
Lifespan: 10 years on breaking, demetalizing and flaking the film.

Help with assembly

Do you not dare to assemble yourself or do you have a big project? Request a quotation free of obligation via our contact form to have this foil brought in by our mechanic. Here you guarantee a professional installation of your window film.

Installation instructions for window film (advice is to do this with 2 people)
- First clean the window well and grease free. Also remove paint if necessary. Everything you do not remove will remain visible after pasting
- Make a soapy water. The best thing is to make this into a plant spray.
- Spray both the window and the adhesive side foil with this soapy water.
- Apply the window film to the window so that it is as desired.
- Rinse the soapy water under the window film until everything is gone.
- Cut the foil sharply with the help of a ruler and a sharp knife.
- Let the soapy water dry thoroughly

TIP: Do you have wooden frames? Leave the foil after assembly (2 weeks drying time)
sealing for longer life
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