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Squid self-adhesive curtains - Oak

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Squid self-adhesive curtains Oak

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Dr.Sticker is always looking for new and innovative products and always keeping an eye on the trends. Squid is one of these new and innovative products that we found in no time. This innovative form of window film has a number of unique properties that make this product interesting for both private individuals and companies.

Squid is a polyester woven textile that, due to its soft and warm appearance, is comparable to, for example, inbetween curtains. The foil with a textile structure is both moisture and heat resistant and offers you privacy during the day because it is privacy-resistant. After installing this window covering, you can still look out from the inside, but you have little to no view from the outside. Squid is also suitable as a sun-resistant window film, which will reduce the temperature in a room by +/- 3 degrees.

Squid self-adhesive net curtains are suitable for every type of window, from HR++ to high-performance glass and easy to keep clean. The semi-permanent glue (transparent and clear) used for Squid makes it very easy to stick this window film.

This window covering is available in 6 different colours. Chalk, Bone, Ash, Oak, Rock and Coal. All our products are made to order or cut to size, so you can no longer return products ordered from Dr.Sticker.


At Dr.Sticker we sell both the normal Squid window textiles and the Opaque/opague version. The opaque version is slightly denser in structure, giving it a little more privacy than the normal version.

Technical specifications for color Oak:

Thickness 0,3mm
light reflection 23%
Light transmission 49%
light absorption 28%
sun reflection 28%
solar transmission 56%
solar absorption 16%
UV Transmission Factor 42%
Cooling effect -0.2°C

Technical specifications per color:

  Chalk Bone Ash Oak Rock Coal
Thickness 0.3mm 0.3mm 0.3mm 0.3mm 0.3mm 0.3mm
light reflection 38% 34% 20% 23% 17% 2%
Light transmission 60% 57% 47% 49% 42% 23%
light absorption 2% 9% 33% 28% 41% 75%
sun reflection 36% 33% 25% 28% 25% 18%
solar transmission 60% 59% 54% 56% 52% 41%
solar absorption 4% 8% 21% 16% 23% 41%
UV Transmission Factor 46% 49% 42% 42% 38% 25%
Cooling effect -3.0°C -1.0°C -0.5°C -0.2°C -0.2°C

Squid has a lifespan of 5 years.


Assembly assistance

Do you have a big project? Request a quote without obligation via our contact form to have the Squid foil applied by one of our technicians.


Installation instructions Squid self-adhesive curtains

(For large areas, mounting with several people is recommended)

  • The textile is available on rolls of 130 cm wide. Make sure you choose the right length (up to 15 meters long).
  • For installation you need a cleaning tool, cutter knife (or spatula), scissors and a squeegee, tape measure or ruler.
  • Before installing it is important to carry out the following four steps in this order: cleaning, sticking, cutting and pressing firmly.
  • Clean and degrease the glass carefully with water + a little ammonia. Then dry the glass well with, for example, a window squeegee.
  • Measure the window in height and width.
  • Cut the roll of Squid wide enough, make sure that you have about 10 cm overlap on each side.
  • Remove the foil from the Squid.
  • Center the Squid on the window and gently press the top against the glass.
  • Using a spatula you can stick the Squid further against the glass. Press the fabric in the center and rub out all air and creases from the center out. Press everything together well with the spatula.
  • Cut off the unnecessary edges by placing the spatula at a sharp angle next to the silicone edge of the window and then pressing the protruding edges away with a utility knife. It is recommended to use a new blade for each edge. Scissors can be used to remove corners and loose threads.
  • When this is ready, you can start enjoying your window decoration!



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