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Veilish adhesive net curtains

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Veilish adhesive net curtains

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Veilish is a polyester woven textile that is self-adhesive that gives the room a warm appearance that is comparable to, for example, curtains or inbetween curtains. Due to the foil's semi-transparent property, this foil ensures that it is not possible to look inside during the day. After placing this window covering you have privacy from the outside, but you can still look outside yourself. The Veilish foil also reduces the light and temperature in the room.

Veilish lace curtain is suitable for any type of window and easy to keep clean with microfiber cloth or vacuum cleaner. However, the net curtains are not suitable for washing with water or solvents. If the film is stained, it is recommended to use a slightly damp microfiber cloth.

This self-adhesive net curtain is available in 3 different colors. White, Rose-Gray, and Black.


Technical specifications:

Thickness 254μ
Material Woven polyester
Adhesive layer Water-based acrylic
Available colors White, Rose-Gray, Black

Veilish has a lifespan of 5 years.


Help with installation

Do you have a large project? Request a free quote via our contact form to have the Veilish foil applied by one of our technicians.


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