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Prohibition Icons

Are you looking for prohibition icons? Dr. Sticker has been the web shop for years for the creation and impression of all sorts of icons. Dr. Sticker also prints prohibition icons, which can be used for the prohibition of actions which can cause danger or to make certain rules inside your building clear. Dr. Sticker offers a wide range of prohibition icons; you have the choice out of eighty different prohibition icons. Some examples out of our range: 

  • Prohibition icons: Forbidden for dogs sticker
  • Prohibition icons: Forbidden wet grinding sticker
  • Prohibition icons: Forbidden to smoke sticker

If you did not find your desired prohibition icon, that is no disaster! You can always use the convenient and user-friendly design tool of Dr. Sticker.

Creating your own prohibition icon yourself

In the wide range of Dr. Sticker can you find a lot of different standard prohibition icons for different purposes. Do you want to create your own prohibition icons, with your own design, logo or image? Then you can use the convenient and user-friendly design tool of Dr. Sticker. In just a few easy steps is the design of your sticker ready and can you place the order. The order will be printed and packaged carefully by the production of Dr. Sticker.

Prohibition icons, how do I attach them?

When you are going to attach prohibition icons yourself, we have a manual for you. Important is that your surface, where you want to attach the prohibition icons, has a minimum temperature of 5 degrees.

1. First determine where you would like to attach the prohibition icon. Make sure your surface is clean and free from fat and oil. 
2. To easily attach your prohibition icon we give the advice to add a drop of washing detergent to the water. This will help you to easily place and readjust your sticker if necessary. 
3. Now the attachment will start. First remove the sticker from the backing paper.
4. Attach the prohibition icon to the desired location. We advise to start in the middle and work to the bottom and the top. 
5. As you used water with a drop of washing detergent to attach the prohibition icon (indicated in step 2), will you be able to readjust the prohibition icon until it is attached perfectly. In case the prohibition icon does not yet stick, because the surface is still too wet, you need to wait as long as the prohibition icon sticks to the surface. 
6. When you want the best result you should press the prohibition icon to the surface until it is completely smooth and flat. Press from the middle of the sticker to the outer edges to remove any air that is trapped under the prohibition icon. Is there still air trapped under the sticker? No need to worry. You can remove it by pricking the sticker with a fine needle. Recommendation: clean the prohibition icons after 2 days. 


Demand a quotation

Do you have a specific desire concerning our products, which you cannot specify in our design tool or web shop? Please ask for a free quotation without any obligations. You will receive the quotation within 24 hours on workdays. 


Do you have any further questions? You can always contact one of the employees of Dr. Sticker. On workdays Dr. Sticker can be reached by telephone from 09:00 until 17:30 at the following telephone number: +49 211 38789298. You can also send an email to [email protected] and we will answer your questions as quickly as possible. 

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