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Working safely with protection products during the corona virus

Protect your employees, customers and suppliers against coronavirus infection by using our protection products.

We have devised transparent materials in all kinds of constructions. Visibility is maintained and visual contact remains, but there is protection. These materials are processed in anti-microbial protective film and in so-called safety / cough screens.

Think of applications at cash registers and service counters and shops, but certainly also of partitions at workplaces, desks or tables at restaurants and terraces. This is an excellent solution where it is difficult to keep a distance of 1.5 meters recommended by RIVM.

Our protection products are available in a standard size in our webshop, but on a quotation basis we can of course also make custom products for your partition wall, counter screen, partition wall, anti-spit screen, hatch or cough screen.

What do our products protect against during COVID-19

Covid-19, better known as the corona virus, is spread through drops that are suspended in the air by, for example, sneezing or coughing of an infected person. But also transfer via hands or surfaces where an infected covid-19 person has left drops. If someone else comes into contact by, for example, breathing it in or getting it in their mouth, nose or eyes, there is a high risk of infection. With the use of our cough screens you ensure a demarcation of these driers and the risk of contamination is reduced. Of course we advise everyone to still follow the guidelines of RIVM. So keep washing hands regularly with soap, cough in elbow, use tissue paper, do not shake hands and keep 1.5 meters away.

Which products do you offer as protection

We have different types of cough screens in our range. This is a budget free-standing solution of a safety screen. We also have a hanging solution for this counter screen.

Since we think that the measures will continue for a while, a more luxurious solution has also been devised. This is a stronger and more beautiful solution. We have this deluxe cough screen in a table-top counter screen and a deluxe partition, which is ideal for office environments or a catering establishment.


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