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Order 'keep 1.5 meters away' products in the fight against the Corona virus

Various measures have been taken to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19)
taken. From regular and good washing your hands and no shaking hands to keeping
from 1.5 meters away! The latter is extremely important in the fight against corona. The
one and a half meter economy is the new standard.

For shops it means, for example, that not too many customers can enter at the same time
must keep a sufficient distance, both indoors and outdoors. How can you do that? Clear
rules and communication is important to keep control (and avoid high fines). Our
special 'corona 1.5 meter products' help perfectly.

Special stickers, posters and more: 'keep 1.5 meters away'

We have a number especially for healthcare institutions, SMEs, retail, banks and other organizations
products developed to properly regulate social distancing in practice. Think clear
marking so that everyone keeps an appropriate distance. We do not only sell (floor) stickers and others
products that clearly indicate that everyone should keep 1.5 meters away, but we also have
floor sticker arrows developed to indicate walking routes. Both for walking directions and the
indicating one way. Especially in smaller shops and commercial spaces, these are crucial to the
Comply with Corona Measures.

Which 'keep distance' Corona products do we have in our webshop?

Floor sticker / floor line 'keep 1.5 meters away'
Mark out spaces or draw a few lines to make the distance visible. Applicable places: counters,
cash registers, queues, waiting areas, but also workplaces. Both indoors and outdoors and indoors
obtain multiple languages.

Floor sticker / floor spot 'keep 1.5 meters away'
This round floor sticker of 42 centimeters wide stands out everywhere. The sticker can already be ordered
from 1 copy. The floor stickers are anti-slip and can be removed without adhesive residues.

Stickers 'keep 1.5 meters away'
These eye-catching stickers are easy to hang in shops and waiting areas to all visitors
remind you of social distancing. The sticker is available in A4 and in large format 60 at
85 cm.

Textile sticker 'keep distance'
Many people 'in the workplace' experience that others keep too little distance. Divergent
professional groups are very happy with the textile sticker that we have developed. For instance
box fillers, parcel deliverers, public transport staff and store employees.

Sign 'keep 1.5 meters away'
With this sign you make everyone (already at the front door) aware of social distancing. Applicable
places: shops, workplaces, market stalls, meeting locations / canteens and waiting areas.
Available in multiple sizes, easy to hang and both indoors and outdoors

Posters 'keep 1.5 meters away'
For indoor use, we also have the recognizable warning available in poster format.
Size 50x70cm and can be ordered per pack (5, 25 or 50 pieces).

Banner 'keep 1.5 meters away'
Especially for places where many people come, this banner is ideal to make everyone aware
make the rule. Applicable places: weekly markets, popular nature reserves, hardware stores
and supermarkets. Size 200x104cm.

Safety vests 'keep 1.5 meters away'
In public places where many people come and work, this vest clearly shows that we always do
must observe the distance rules.

How do I arrange that everyone keeps 1.5 meters away at my location?

Question about a product, customization or looking for another solution related to the Corona-
measures? Mail us: [email protected] We like to think along with you.

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