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Floor dots OUTSIDE, parents spaced outside in school yard

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Floor dots OUTSIDE, keep 1.5 mtr

  • Top quality! Abrasion resistant
  • Anti-slip laminate
  • Strong adhesive strength for OUTDOOR use
  • Complete set calculated on average occupation of parents in schoolyard
  • 1 SET = 50x round sticker> 25 cm

The floor dots must be glued at a distance of 1.5 meters. In this way it is clear to everyone where they can stand to be able to keep a 1.5 mtr distance. Specially developed for parents in front of the schoolyard.

These floor stickers are made of such good quality that they can be attached to any type of flat surface. The glue is high tack (extra strong). The floor line is additionally provided with an anti-slip laminate. In addition to protecting the sticker, this also ensures that no one can slip over the sticker.

Tip> Degrease the surface in advance with our degreaser

Possible applicable places: for the schoolyard, association or other public place

We strive to send orders within 1 working day to a few days, so that every school can open its doors before 11 May.


Specifications :

Material: Floor vinyl outdoor + anti-slip material especially for outdoor use asphalt, concrete and stone

Printing: Full color weatherproof printed

Glue: Aggressive high-tack glue

Lifespan: Up to 3 months, but subject to proper assembly


Warning: These stickers are not suitable for indoor floors or other surfaces of asphalt, concrete and stone * Doubt? Contact us or test the surface with a small piece of sticker

* We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by sticking or removing the sticker.


Paste instruction

  1. The substrate MUST be completely dry. Clean (degrease) as far as possible. No loose sand
  2. Installation must be done at temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius and on days when the day temperature will be at least 18 degrees Celsius. The weather must be dry for at least 24 hours for optimal adhesion to the substrate. Mounting late in the day is not recommended.
  3. Some heating (with a hair dryer) increases the adhesive power
  4. The more uneven the surface, the more difficult the sticker will stick for a long time. Find as many flat surfaces as possible and minimal joints.
  5. Rub the sticker well with a spatula or roller. The better you press the sticker, the better the lifespan. Do not leave any air under the stickers! If necessary, pierce air bubbles.

If you have any questions about assembly, please contact us

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