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Floor marking Durastripe Mean Lean

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Durastipe Mean Lean Floor Marking Tape

Floor marking Mean Lean is the best solution for new or repaired floors where light work is performed (no to little heavy equipment and forklifts). This floor marking has a smooth surface and is easy to clean. Mean Lean floor marking is the thinnest variant of our durastripe products. Excellent for light pallet traffic and manual transport. The tape is thinner, so less susceptible to damage by sliding. If you have heavier forklift traffic or there is a lot of turning on the floor lines, choose the Durastripe X-treme

Available in different colours. All our products are custom made or cut to size, so you cannot return products ordered from Dr. Sticker.


  • Suitable for warehouses, warehouse floors, commercial spaces with light work traffic
  • Easy to clean due to special coating on the tape
  • Tape is thinner, so less prone to sliding pallets
  • Long lifespan
  • Easily removable
  • Lines won't fade or smudge

Benefits of marketing tape versus paint

Save on costs, time and inconvenience by using floor marking tape. Benefits include

  • No odor or noxious fumes
  • Work can be continued during tape mounting. Paint is stuck with drying time
  • Removable in the event of a move or change in workspace
  • Can be used both temporarily and permanently

Applying the floor marking

  • Clean the surface. Smooth floors suffice broom clean. We recommend a degreaser (without chlorine or citrus) for older/polluted floors. Also remove any old tape or paint residues well

  • Wait 30 minutes after cleaning

  • Align and remove backing tape, press one by one.

  • You can easily cut through the end of the line with a stanly knife

  • Corners can be glued together with overlap, cut it exactly in the corner and then remove the excess tape

  • After application, press the line well with a roller, flat wheel or drive over it with the forklift truck

  • Repeat the previous steps as necessary

Assembly service

Within Dr.Sticker we also have an assembly service available. Feel free to mail your request to [email protected] with your wishes.


custom questions

Do you wish other shapes or texts in the lines. This is possible, please contact us about this


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