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Insulation foil

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Professional insulation foil cut to size

Save 30% on heat loss through windows with our insulating window film.

*This foil cannot be compared with hardware store insulation foil. The effect is much better due to metal particles in our foil. As a result , the foil works well in winter but also in summer (keep heat out)

Film is cut exactly to size by us. This provides greater ease of installation and prevents damage to the metallic layer. Roll width is 150 cm wide, and maximum length is 30 m. Windows that are larger are divided.


Which windows are suitable?

Single glass with or without tint

Double glass without tint


Can I stick the foil myself?

Yes! We provide a link to a very clear step-by-step video manual with the film.

Do you really have 2 left hands? Then don't start here. The foil is easiest to stick with 2 people. We deliver the film to size, so you don't have to cut the film.


What does the foil look like on the window?

As described earlier, there are metal particles in the foil. This will make the window slightly darker. If in doubt, order a sample.


Do you stick the foil to the inside or outside of the window?

The foil may only be stuck to the inside of a window.


How can I order the foil?

1. Measure your windows and calculate the number of m2. Only measure the glass, i.e. between the frames (excl. sealant edge or rubber edge). Round up the number of m2. Please keep your notes with measurements and numbers.

2. Order the required m2 via our shop. We will contact you by email after ordering to go through exactly what you need

3. We cut it exactly to size! Do not cut it to size yourself later, this can cause problems with the metal layer later

If in doubt about how to calculate or measure this, please do not hesitate to contact us.


This film cannot be applied to structured glass, the surface must be completely flat.

Do you have HR glass? (HR, HR+, HR++, HR+++) Then it is better not to use our product. This is because HR glass contains a metal coating that, in combination with our mirror film, can cause window breakage (thermal breakage).

Professional durable insulation window film for indoor use. Save up to 30% on heat loss through your window. This foil is transparent, but gives a silver (grey) tint to the windows

This insulation window film can be used on single glass (clear + tinted) and double glass (single clear). Unfortunately, it cannot be used for other types of glass, such as HR. Read the type of glass in the cavity of your glass.

By choosing this pro-insulation window film in your building, you save on energy costs in both winter and summer. This sputtered foil provides thermal insulation that prevents excessive heat from entering through the glass in summer. In winter, heat loss is limited (single glass up to 30%). This will lead to cost savings on heating and air conditioning. This quickly pays for itself, especially with current energy gas prices.

How effective is insulating window film: The PRO insulation film consists of several different metal layers. Due to these layers, the heat is retained in your building for longer. This means you have less heating costs. In the summer, the PRO insulation 20 blocks about 6-7 degrees infrared radiation and 99% UV. In addition to all these advantages, this foil also provides a privacy function, because of the silver mirroring you cannot look in from the outside during the day.

Note: This insulation film is of professional quality and therefore cannot be compared with cheaper Chinese or hardware store variants.

This window film is easy to apply using soapy water. 1 liter of water with half a teaspoon of shampoo without additives (eg baby shampoo). All our products are made to order or cut to size, so you can no longer return products ordered from Dr.Sticker.

We offer 1 shade of professional insulation window film that must be glued to the inside of the window.

PRO Insulation 35

Technical data, calculated from foil on clear 3mm glass

  • UV transmission 1%
  • Visible light transmission 39%
  • Reflection of visible light outside 32%
  • Reflection of visible light within 34%
  • Total Solar Disposable 60%
  • Total solar energy disposal 59%
  • Ratio sunlight :
    • Reflection of solar energy 37%
    • Solar energy absorption 36%
    • Solar energy transmission 33%
  • Reduction of reflection 65%
  • g-value 0.35
  • u-value 4.4
  • Heat loss limitation 30%
  • Emissivity 0.32
  • Shade coefficient 0.47

How to order:

  • Measure your windows and calculate the number of m2. You can order the number of m2.
  • Then enter the number of windows and the sizes (width x height in cm) in the next field.
  • We cut these exactly to size! Do not cut these to size yourself later, this can cause problems with the metal layer later

A5 sample

Do you want to get more feeling with the material? There is also the possibility to order an a5 sample


We only offer installation of the sun protection film to our business customers. Are you a business customer and would you like to receive a quotation without obligation? Simply request a quote via our contact form to have this solar control film applied by our technician. You hereby guarantee a professional installation of your solar control window film.

Below we have clear instructions for use for the installation of the foil, as well as a handy example video for our private customers:

Instructions for installing window film (advice is to do this with 2 people)

- First clean the window well and free of grease. Also remove any paint residue. Everything you don't delete you will see after pasting

- Prepare a soap solution. The easiest way is to make this in a plant sprayer.

- Spray both the window and the adhesive side foil well with this soapy water.

- Apply the window film to the window in such a way that it is as desired.

- Squeeze the soapy water from under the window film until everything is gone.

- Let the soapy water dry well


TIP: Do you have wooden frames? After mounting (2 weeks drying time), leave the foil

caulk for a longer lifespan

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