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Keep distance floor sticker Corona 7,5x90cm

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Keep distance floor sticker Corona 7,5x90cm

  • Top quality! Abrasion resistant
  • Can be removed without adhesive residues
  • Anti-slip laminate
  • Strong adhesive strength for indoors and outdoors

Please note, we also have this line in a larger 150 cm long floor sticker. Order it here

Attention! SMEs, Retailers, Banks and other Companies. Order the floor sticker now and receive it tomorrow. Make sure that your customers, suppliers or own employees keep an appropriate distance for social distancing. This corona measure recently imposed by the Dutch government. Make social distance and draw clear lines to make the distance visible

This corona keep distance sticker floor sticker is made of such good quality that it can be attached to any type of flat surface (inside and outside). The glue is high tack (extra strong), but also removable. The floor line is additionally provided with an anti-slip laminate. In addition to protecting the sticker, this also ensures that no one can slip over the sticker.

Tip> Degrease the surface in advance with our degreaser

Imaginable applicable places: counters, cash registers, queues, waiting area, workplaces etc. While any environment where several people can meet.

There is enough stock! / Orders are shipped the same day without urgent costs

(If you order the Corona products where urgent delivery is possible in combination with the deluxe safety screens (where urgent delivery is not possible), the order will be sent to you as partial delivery.)

Specifications :

Material: Roughmark 285 White + Anti slip laminate

Printing: Full color weatherproof printed

Format: 90cm x 7.5cm

Extra: Easy to stick on almost any surface and can also be removed later without adhesive residues *

If there are any glue residues, you can always remove them with our glue remover

* We cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by sticking or removing the sticker.

When applied to a painted surface, the paint must adhere well to the substrate. Test all applications before use. Not suitable for treated stainless steel, marble, brass or bronze.


The COVID-19 virus has banned the entire world and many measures are being taken by government and companies worldwide. RIVM has prescribed a number of guidelines to deal with this clearly. In this they indicate the importance of washing hands and keeping a distance. For this second guideline, we came up with this 'Keep away' - floor line sticker. Clarity is of great importance in the current situation and with this eye-catching yellow / black striped floor line sticker with clear text you make your customers and other visitors aware of the guidelines for keeping a distance of 1.5 meters.

The 1.5 meter society / economy will remain a permanent situation for the time being. Where temporary solutions were perhaps the fastest options at the beginning of this pandemic, the sustainability of the products used is becoming increasingly important. Temporary solutions that start to fade after a few customers or that come loose through shuffling feet and shopping cart are no longer suitable solutions. That is precisely why we have chosen to make our floor lines from a sturdy Roughmark material that has a special high-tack adhesive. Due to this special bonding, these lines can be used both indoors and outdoors and the stickers can easily be removed again later without glue residues. The visible side of the lines are also extra protected, because the stickers are finished with an anti-slip laminate that ensures that people will not slip over the lines.

This shorter variant of the floor lines is 90 centimeters wide and is therefore better suited for smaller spaces. Use the lines to create clear queues in your store or restaurant. Customers need a clear demarcation in the queues so that they can immediately see where to wait.

Is this 90 centimeter floor line still too wide for your location? Then we now also have round floor dots in two different sizes; 25 centimeters and 42 centimeters. If you are looking for a wider variant of the floor lines, we also have the variant of 150 centimeters wide. Looking for a way to safely guide customers through your store before they arrive at checkouts and queues? Then our routing floor arrows may be a suitable solution for you.

Article number: 018-1
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