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Banner flagpole, tiltable

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Banner flagpole, hoistable banner holder
This flagpole suitable for banners has a special hoistable banner holder, making this flagpole ideal for easily changing a banner (without tilting). Periodic banner changes can now be done much faster and more safely, without having to tilt the mast.
Incidentally, it is still possible to tilt the flagpole if necessary.

TIP Choose the winch control option, this allows you to change your banners even faster.

We supply this flagpole including
- Hot-dip galvanized adjustable tilting anchor
- Mast knob
- Counterweight special
- Banner holder. hoistable with aluminum bracket
- Special banner rings
- Assembly instruction
- Optional with winch control

Delivery time & price
Delivery time is in consultation. Delivery surcharge for each subsequent mast 10 euros incl VAT
Surcharge delivery Belgium and Germany: 75 euros incl VAT

What length?
We recommend that the top of the mast be one meter higher than the highest point of the building.

Color flagpole
As standard we supply this flagpole in the color white RAL 9010, but for an additional surcharge it is possible to have this flagpole executed in your own desired RAL colour. If you want your own color flagpole, request a quote for the additional price without obligation

Assembly and placement
The mast is easy to install with this easy manual . But installation by our VCA certified technicians is also possible. If you want to use installation by our technicians, please take into account the following general installation conditions

Quality and environmental requirements
We meet the highest quality requirements with our flagpoles and the production method. The production of the masts is ISO 9001 certified for the quality of the product and ISO 14001 certified for the environmentally friendly production method.
The flagpoles have been tested for strength by SP (Swedish national testing and research institute).
We can send test reports digitally on request.

10 year warranty
Our manufacturer offers a 10-year warranty on the mast profile and the hot-dip galvanized tilt anchor. Granted claims are honored through replacement of the mast. The warranty covers manufacturing defects, material defects such as damage in the material, or in the dimensions or other details of the anchor.

The warranty does not cover damage due to natural disasters. Accessories such as mast knobs, flag cord, winch systems and other loose parts are not part of the warranty claim. The guarantee also does not extend to cases covered by insurance, such as building liability or motor vehicle insurance, or in the event of incorrect assembly/assembly. Costs of disassembly and assembly and/or freight costs are not covered by the warranty.

It is very important to retighten all nuts after 3 months with the appropriate wrench/ring wrench (30). We then recommend checking the anchorage by retightening the nuts at least once a year. We also recommend checking the operation of the hoisting rope, the frog, the counterweight, the winch system and the mast button once a year.

In order to be able to settle claims smoothly, we request photo material of the relevant parts or damage, the anchor, as well as the serial number. The serial number allows us to trace the production date and can be found on a label on the inside of the mast base. Upon receipt, the details will be analyzed and we will inform you as soon as possible about a suitable solution. In some cases, we may ask you to send the damaged parts for further analysis. In cases where damage or injury has been caused by a flagpole, we recommend that you send the claim to your insurer

Recommended banner flag size
Mast size 6 meters: Flag size 100 x 300 cm
Mast size 7 meters : Flag size 100 x 300 cm or 120 x 350 cm
Mast size 8 meters : Flag size 120 x 350 cm or 120 x 400 cm
Mast size 9 meters: Flag size 120 x 450 cm
Mast size 10 meters: Flag size 120/150 x 450 / 500 cm
Mast size 12 meters: Flag size 120/150 x 500 cm

Rule of thumb for banner size: The bottom of the banner may not be less than half the mast length.

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