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Anti microbial protective film

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99.9% protection against bacteria and viruses

We are in a period where more is possible with more contact moments and closer to each other. Although we remain alert, there will be situations where you touch surfaces that have been touched by someone else just before. These surfaces may therefore be contaminated with bacteria and/or viruses (such as corona). To ensure that others do not become ill by touching this surface, we have a protective film that ensures that these bacteria and viruses do not continue to nest or multiply on the surface.

This protective film contributes to safety, vitality, good entrepreneurship, low absenteeism due to illness and saving suffering in the event of an infection.

This foil is

Fast > Direct penetration into the bacterial cell

Powerful > Even active at very low contamination

Long-term operation > 24/7 for several years

ISO certified > According to ISO22196 (antibacterial) & ISO21702 (antivirus)


How exactly does the antimicrobial film work?

This patented protective film contains silver ions that come off the top layer when they come into contact with moisture. These reactive silver ions then quickly block and destroy bacteria, preventing them from multiplying between cleanings.


How do I apply the protective film?

The antivirus film is easy to apply. It is a molded deformable foil. Do you have any questions about the application or would you rather have it applied by our specialists? Please contact us.


Can you also cut the adhesive film to size?

This is possible. Send us your sizes and quantities via [email protected] and we will respond with a quote within 1 working day.

What about skin touches?

The protective film is skin-friendly, so safe to use with human contact


What other benefits are there?

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong adhesion to almost all surfaces
  • Waterproof
  • Transparent, so not noticeable
  • Extra protection surface against scratches
  • Removable

Applications :

  • door handles
  • tables
  • handrail
  • Coffee machine
  • Glass doors
  • elevator buttons
  • Counter (catering, hotel, shop, etc.)
  • light switches
  • cabinet doors
  • All other places where a lot of touch occurs

Frequently used environments

  • Public places
  • Retail spaces
  • Hospitals, healthcare institutions
  • Canteens
  • entrances
  • Educational institutions
  • Public transport
  • Event locations
  • catering industry
  • Office
Delivery time: 4 working days
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