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Application set Deluxe

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This installation kit ensures that the attachment of different window films is even more optimal . With the 30° Olfa knife you can cut the foil neatly and easily to the right size. With the supplied squeegee you smooth the foil nicely on the window. Ensure a perfect installation of your film.




  • 2 in 1
  • Suitable for different types of foils
  • Reusable



  • 1 x 30° Olfa snap-off blade
  • 1 x Rake


Suitable foils

Pro-Window window film

The Pro-Window series guarantee your privacy by means of different patterns of frosted glass window films . They are static films that can be used on various glass surfaces such as windows, showcases and doors. They are made of a high-quality PVC material and are glue-free, so they can be used repeatedly and leave no traces after disassembly. This also makes them rent-friendly films.

Squid window film

Squid is the perfect solution if you are looking for a privacy window film with a warm window decoration . This innovative product gives a building a stylish and welcoming appearance. After installing this window covering, you can still look outside from the inside, but you have less insight from the outside. Squid is a self-adhesive film made from woven polyester fabric and is similar to in-between curtains. Squid is suitable for any type of window, from HR++ to high-efficiency glass , and is easy to keep clean . Due to the semi-permanent glue (transparent and clear) used for Squid, sticking this window film is very easy.


Fixing foils

Requirements for confirmation

  • Dr Sticker application set
  • Subtractor
  • ammonia
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Bucket of water



  1. Clean your window by adding a little ammonia to the bucket of water
  2. Dry the window thoroughly with care
  3. Cut the Squid to size (make sure there is at least 5 cm overlap on all sides)
  4. Stick the foil on the window from the top (use the 5 cm overlap)
  5. Press the textile well
  6. Gently pull down the plastic film
  7. Gently press the textile
  8. Smooth the pleats out of the textile with the squeegee (always work from the inside out)
  9. Press the textile well in the corners and edges
  10. Place the squeegee against the window and use it to slowly cut away the overlap with the Olfa utility knife (use a new knife for each side)
  11. Remove the excess material


Note: Do not remove the foil from the tube until you actually start sticking! Do you remove the foil earlier and put it aside for a while because you don't want to stick it until later? Then air tunnels can form in the foil that cannot be removed.

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